Win: Time to fly with Acro Yoga!

Win: Time to fly with Acro Yoga!

Our mate and blogger Elle Linton is back! This week she has a flex at new class Acro Yoga. "Before I knew it, I was up and away. No hands! Flying!" she says. 

Since our childhoods, we’ve been taught not to trust strangers. Then you go to Acro Yoga and do the exact opposite.

Taught by Anastasis Tzanis, the class began bang on time. With only 45 minutes in total, I guess time is of the essence! We started with a quick series of Vinyasa Yoga flows to get warmed up before we launched right into the nitty gritty. 

I teamed up with my partner for our first exercise - plank holds. And by holds I mean your partner holds your feet. And by holds your feet I mean one foot while you use your core and strength to keep your other foot up in line. We then switched before our next drill, reverse plank - with your partner holding your foot. I was actually starting to sweat already. 

Handstands next. Yup. I was quite excited! Doing an unassisted handstand is a goal of mine so any chance to practice with someone spotting me is a blessing. We started with the basics, from downward facing dog with your partner supporting one leg as you walked the other up as far as you desired. We could then move on to kick-ups with the (minimal) support of your partner.

Before I knew it, I was volunteering to demo with the teacher. This was where things started getting serious. This is where we would begin to learn to 'fly'! Anastasis laid on the floor while I stood above him. He placed his feet on my hips and we synchronised our breathing so that upon inhalation I allowed him to carry my weight and on exhalation I returned to standing. Before I knew it, I was up and away. No hands! Flying! (disclaimer: I have had one tiny go at this recently so knew a little of what to expect). My partner then smashed it when I got to be the base for her! See the photo above, that's not me but you get the idea! 

Next up we did some partner stretching and got to try our hand at one of the most amazing, relaxing stretches I've ever done! I was so excited about it, I ran straight back to work and shared it with anyone who'd spare me the two minutes: "You’re gonna have to go to this class to find out for yourself though! Or I’ll show you!" 

We finished off class with an interesting / strange / relaxing* (*delete as appropriate when you try it) head holding thing. We then sat in a circle and did something else we’re so used to not doing - sharing. We were given the choice to share (or not) something we took from the class today. It was all about trust for me. Trusting someone I’ve never met to support me as well as trusting myself to support someone else. Maybe this is something we could all do a little more often... 

You hear the girl, its time to fly! Book yourself in through our class bookings.