Add these bars to your workout

Add these bars to your workout

We understand that our members lead extremely busy lives. Running from work to the gym can lead to missed meals, and low energy levels. With this in mind, we teamed up with super healthy snack company, Creative Nature, who have created four gluten-free, dairy-free, and superfood snack bars that are not only perfect pre/post your Gymbox workout, but during it.

Winners of the Great Taste Gold Star in 2014 and 2015, these 100 per cent natural cold pressed snack bars are only made with raw ingredients. They are completely sugar-free, vegan, and contain incredible superfood ingredients to naturally boost your nutrient intake.

Goji Goodness is filled with antioxidant, rich with ingredients such as goji berries and cranberries, this is the perfect snack during your workout, with its slow releasing energy from gluten-free oats.

Raw Cacao is a lower calorie, lower fat, and higher nutrient alternative to chocolate bars, which is another great snack to opt for during a hard session.

Before that workout try Ginger Detox – a refreshingly unique tasting raw bar packed with detoxifying ingredients like barley grass and ginger. This bar is also great for detoxifying after your gym session.

Peanut Protein is designed for post-workout with 7g of vegan pea protein packed into a peanut. This is a rich bar, without the additives and syrups of leading protein snack bars. Enjoy and recover.

To celebrate the launch of these products, Creative Nature have kindly provided eight hampers to give away to one lucky member at each of our clubs, jam packed with all of the above bars.

To enter simply grab one of our bars from reception, incorporate it into your workout and tag us on Instagram @GymboxOfficial

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