Swagger: Gymbod - meet Antonio Guerra

Swagger: Gymbod - meet Antonio Guerra

Antonio Guerra is a keen cyclist and works in mens fashion. "I think it's positive to present your body in a way that says 'I've worked on this, I care about how the world sees me and I want to tell you that I mean business'." We meet him.

Welcome to Gymbox Old Street, how do you like it so far?

It's great! The design and CrossFit area give the gym a sense of uniqueness. Also, the location allows me to be flexible with when I work out. I can stop by early in the morning on my commute into work or on the cycle back east.

We have our first CrossFit area, how is it working for you?

I really enjoy using the space and the versatility it gives to my workout. I am achieving good results by mixing up my training. I think it is important to always strive to do so, by doing a combination of body weight resistance, functional exercises and Olympic lifting. Classes are a big part of my training, specially the ones around the frame, so it's great to build on that further and step it up a notch.

You’re a keen cyclist, does CrossFit training help you with that?

In regards to my overall fitness, yes, so I suppose my endurance has improved as a result of that. For me crossfit is a way to really sweat and engage all muscle groups. Developing a stronger core and lower body has certainly allowed me to reach further distances or climbs. Also, as part of improving my physique it is a great way to get ripped!

Why do you think CrossFit has become so popular? What has it given you?

Because it is a club or a tribe. People like to buy into that I think. And also because it works! You can see results straight away and that hunger to keep pushing your body to complete that extra rep is addictive. Also, being in a space were everyone around you is pushing themselves it’s a great motivation so sweat and keep lifting.

You like late night bike rides around London, what’s the strangest things you’ve seen?

Surprisingly I would say that I have yet to see anything particularly strange. What I do love is crossing the river at any of the bridges, look up and see the entire of London lit up in an array of colors and shapes. Its an impressive sight.

Is it important that your friends are into fitness like you are?

Not necessarily, but I think it helps to have some like minded people around you. Not all my friends are into fitness, but most of my closest friends are. I often train with a friend which really helps me to improve and push myself. I'm still working on getting everyone on bikes, it's proving to be a more difficult task than to convince then to do a WOD early Saturday morning.

You work in menswear - how do the worlds of fitness and fashion work together?

Fashion is all about presenting an image to the world. Fitness for a lot of people is about how you look, and part of that is creating the best frame for the clothes you wear. Also I think it is nothing but positive to present your body in a way that says 'I've worked on this, I care about how the world sees me and I want to tell you that I mean business".

What do you find the most innovative about Gymbox as a brand?

I think the way it presents itself seriously and with high level of polish, but with a great sense of humour. For me, that's really innovative. Also, the approach that the brand has to fitness if fresh and with the ever-changing classes helps keeping workouts fresh in a great environment.

What does fitness bring to your life?

Fitness brings a sense of great achievement, health improvements, a physique I am happy with and it is a social activity too. Again, nothing but positives!

Anything at Gymbox you’d like to try but haven’t yet?

I always feel tempted to sign up for one of the sparring classes. Haven’t yet, but hopefully soon I will take the plunge and give it a go.

What are you aspirations for the future?

Keep working hard on my fitness and always try to smash my last personal best. I am sure I will find new ways to hang of one of the frames.