Break a sweat with our new classes

Break a sweat with our new classes

Spring is in the air, so why not sprinkle some variety into your training schedule. Here's a sneak peak into our new classes being launched in May.

Mountain Mayhem

This is a studio based class to prepare you for the Chamonix Hard Cross Expedition on May 28th. The session is based upon constant movement for 45 minutes, mimicking the exertions that would be required while alpine climbing or trekking at high altitude. Expect a challenging mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Taking this class will be the closest thing to being on a mountain, without actually flying out to the alps. Helmet and ice axe, optional. Already started! Click here.

1 Rep Max

1 Rep Max is the ultimate test of strength. It's the maximum amount of weight you can lift on a given exercise for one rep. This class will focus on three exercises – the squat, deadlift and shoulder press. These will work on technique, movement quality, and will build you up to your 1RM.

Track Life

This session will mirror similar indoor training techniques undertaken by a track and field athlete. Get an Olympic physique that even the Russian doping federation would be proud of. Designed by track and field Olympic hopeful Nima Jam. Expect 45 minutes of explosive power, speed and agility.

New Jack Swing

Old school at its best! This class embraces a genre that fuses hiphop, R&B and pop culture that was popular in the late 1980s/90s. We’re bringing it back with this drill and choreography based class, set to the sweetest soundtrack. Cassette tapes and hi-tops optional.

Trigger Happy

How well do you really know your body? Get to know your bodily mechanics with this educational based class that looks at imbalances by working on those trigger points to release aches, pains and tightness. Explore a variety of release techniques using trigger point release balls. Participating in this class will directly reduce likelihood of injury, as well as improve efficiency of movement.

Invert Yourself

Playtime for adults! This class is designed purely on inversions within our aerial hammocks by working on upper body and core strength – two key elements you need to invert. Inversions can also help relieve spinal tension, and maintain correct posture. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to monkey around and hang upside down.

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