Breaking Badass: Gymbod. Meet Freddie McGovern!

Breaking Badass: Gymbod. Meet Freddie McGovern!

Gymbox Farringdon member Freddie McGovern has turned from Gladiator TV star to children's PE teacher, to be the ultimate role model. We meet him.

I reckon I'm a bit badass. My friends call me the "fire starter" - I often live and die by this. However, for me, to be badass you have to be bigger, stronger or faster than me, but you will never out-work me! Never! My motto is: go hard or go home!

If I'm not in the gym, I'm thinking about my next work-out, and my family. I'm also inspired by all sorts of athletes, so I think a lot about them.

I really like Ariel Yoga. It helps me stretch after a hard week of lifting, and gives control to the coaches at Gymbox. Theses guys, and girls, are great. This class helps develop my flexibility. Plus I get a chance to relax and reflect on life.

I was a Gladiator finalist on TV. My best mate's sister put me forward for it when I first started out in the fitness industry. I think it was mainly due to me being the cheekiest person she knew. People often say I look like Ian Wright. I don't think I do, but maybe his mannerisms!

I'm now training to be a PE teacher. I'm a person who gets inspiration from athletes, and I have the utmost respect for individuals who never quit. I couldn't join the army on medical grounds, so I chose a different path that led me into the fitness industry. One door shuts, push the other one open!

I have a gift and passion that others don't. I know and understand what it feels like to have nothing from my childhood. I'm living proof of what you can achieve something great, with a little bit of effort and maximum return. That's what young people need: role models. I can pass on this gift with motivation, drive, and get-up-and-go. Things feel better when we share our skills. We are stronger together.