Breaking Badass: How to do the Nae Nae Gymbox style!

Breaking Badass: How to do the Nae Nae Gymbox style!

Ever heard of the Nae Nae? It's a new dance craze originating from Atlanta, and seeing as we're so ahead of the curve here at Gymbox, we've now put it on our class schedule. We sent in our pal Kate Robinson to see just how easy this 'basic 4 step count' was, with photographic evidence to prove it…

1. To do the Nae Nae, it's simply sticking your right hand out with bent legs (sinking into your heels like you're chillin') then lean your body to and fro, swinging your hand away in time to the music. Walk a few steps back, then walk a few steps forward. And that's it. Until class instructor Olu mixes it up with some sweaty freestyle…

2. Now bear with me here: cross your right foot over the left, spin around, squat down, jump up and spread your legs (trying not to lose your balance…)

3. Up next, what I called the 'basketball move'. Squat and drop your hands down outside both legs, twist and drop to the other side, then jump up, bring legs together and 'shoot' (aiming for more Michael Jordan, less lamp post impression).

4. With both hands up, clench your fists and jump to the drums whilst moving the body around 360 (an 'I got this down' pursed lips expression is obligatory).

5. Still freestyling, lean back and pump your right arm in circle.

6. Giving it your best power stance, stick your arms out and pulse your body to the beat (the tune's serious drummage makes this easy).

7. Swinging your arms up around your body and crashing them down whilst popping one leg up, you shout 'YEET!' (the louder the better so as to scare people outside).

8. Now loosen up, repeat steps and completely ignore whether you're 'doing it right'. It's all about the freestyling so the harder you freestyle, the better you look (and sweat).

If Kate can do it, so can you! Sign up for a class right here.