Breaking Badass: Meet new VPT Sarah Claxton

Breaking Badass: Meet new VPT Sarah Claxton

Goodness, we now have an Olympic long jump athlete on our VPT team at Gymbox Holborn! Meet the immensely badass GB team superstar Sarah Claxton. Interview: Tom Wheatley

Hi Sarah. Welcome to Gymbox! What was it about Gymbox that made you want to join the team?

I have seen how the VPTs at gymbox conduct themselves and how they train their clients. The professionalism of the team here is outstanding. Also Gymbox as a place to workout is very well equipped and the whole concept is brilliant. You go to Gymbox to work hard in a relaxed atmosphere. Im so happy to be part of the Holborn PT team.

What does a typical week of training look like when you're preparing to compete?

If I'm preparing for a competition my week would begin with heavier training sessions. These would consist of a track session followed by weights. Also massage and physio is very important for recovery. Towards the end of the week from Thursday we taper the training down to maybe a few block starts over 2-3 hurdles and light weights. Then Friday would be a warm up and stretching.

What does a typical day's food look like when you're training?

I always have breakfast before a training session. After a training session I have a protein shake. Once I get home I have some kind of protein, like chicken, salmon, tuna. And carbs as i need to replenish my energy stores and feed my muscles.

What top tips would you give to members who are looking to improve their explosive power?

Plymoetrics. It helps to develop power. We do plyos religiously, things we do are box jumps, single leg bounds, bunny hops, standing long jumps into sand and weighted squat jumps. This is always done after weights.

What's your 'badass' training tune?

My badass training tune is As I Come Back by Busta Rhymes.

What's your favourite piece of kit for a badass workout?

My favourite piece of kit is the stick. It helps with tight and sore muscles. So I use it to help during any of my sessions and with recovery after a tough session.

What would you say is your personal training style?

My personal training is friendly and a little tough. I know what kind of of coaching helped me with my training so I would adopt the same method. I want to help people achieve their fitness goals and I know how much hard work it can be, so I wouldn't be a drill sergeant.

And what would you say are the main benefits of being trained by a GB athlete?

The main benefit of being trained by a GB athlete is that I've done track and field for so long I have a wealth of knowledge on most training types. I know what works and what doesn't. I also know about motivation and determination and can pass these attributes onto my clients to help them.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone who's planning to start a training plan?

The one piece of advice would be to set goals (short, medium and long). This will help them to stay on track and to know what they are striving towards.