Class Review – Are you feeling BadAss?

Class Review – Are you feeling BadAss?

Bei Braithwaite-Cotton of fitness blog Beifit was looking for a challenge, so we asked her if she was feeling BadAss. "You really do work your butt off in this class and receive an all over body workout, which I wasn’t expecting" she says.

After returning back from holiday and feeling rather out of sorts from not having done any form of activity, I really needed to do something to kick my butt back into gear. Gymbox asked me to review BadAss, a class designed to sculpt your derriere. Who doesn’t want that perfect firm lifted butt, right? So off I hopped to Gymbox Stratford.

This class is a 30 minute pure glutes and leg battering workout. We went straight in with a warm-up of your basis squats... easy peasy right? Wrong! I swear they had cranked up the heating, as I was dripping with sweat after just a few minutes of squatting. During the class we did various variations of squat exercises which targeted different areas of your lower half from side leg lifts, back leg lifts, sumo, curtsy to parallel squats, to name a few.

The class was at quick pace, so you also got a mini cardio workout, plus you have to remember you're working out in half the time you would usually workout for. The instructor Deanna Brash (pictured below) was really enthusiastic, which always helps, and makes you want to push that little bit harder.

I loved that they incorporated some abs/core strength and upper body workouts too – side planks/hip raises, abs crunches. I did find myself giggling at how awkward I looked in the mirror trying to perform some of the moves, but that's all part of the fun of it. You really do work your butt off in this class and receive an all over body workout, which I wasn’t expecting. We ended the class with a full body stretch and a class full of happy sweaty faces.

I left there feeling rather energised and wanting more, and looking at myself in the mirror afterwards I was sure I could see a difference in the shape of my butt... If only it would happen as quick as that! The next day I woke up feeling great, no aches or pains but low and behold the DOMS set in later that evening. What a lovely feeling!

I highly recommend embracing your inner Badass to get a BadAss. It’s geared at all fitness levels and if you attend on a regular basis you could really achieve that bootylicious booty you’ve always dreamed of. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to your nearest Gymbox and work that Badass.

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