Class review - Bottom Line

Class review - Bottom Line

Bottoms up! Mollie Millington clenches her glutes in anticipation and takes the Bottom Line plunge. This is what happened.

Once again, Gymbox has delivered a tough and effective class, taught by instructor Deanna Brash*. As per usual, the studio was nearly full of ladies and their mats when I arrived a few minutes before the class was due to start. I grabbed a mat, and positioned myself at the back. We started to warm up, and I was unsure what to expect.

The class started with simple body weight squats. For some reason, I'd envisioned a class that would use weights, but was pleasantly surprised that the class design used your own body weight for resistance, with lots of reps. I soon realised that it wasn't only my bum that was shaping up, but also my quads. Squats, followed by lunges, then jumps, and single leg dead lifts. And repeat. It's a good thing the class only lasts 30 minutes as my bottom was definitely taking a beating!

At the weekend, I had taken part in a 24-hour relay race. I followed it up with a massage and took two full days to rest and recover. I thought my body would be ready for Bottom Line but the strain in my hips and glutes told me I was wrong. All the moves in the class could be modified to your ability, which meant I took the easy way out on some of the floor work. It was still a very effective workout as I had DOMS for the next two days. Every time I tried to go up or downstairs during the two days post-class, I was reminded of how tough it was! Thanks Gymbox!

If you want to shape up you bum and thighs, Bottom Line is definitely the class for you. There are a few abs thrown in as well at the end giving you a chance to rest your legs in between sets at the end when you start to fatigue. The music was fantastic and helped keep us in sync as we squatted and pulsed our way through.

* This class was covered by Taisi Suits.

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