Class review – Mad Skills!

Class review – Mad Skills!

Mad Skills is a purely skill-based session, the perfect follow on from classes such as Hands Down, Gymnastic Conditioning or Ninja Warrior. This class will cover bar work, rings, ropes, gymnastics, inversions, body control and jump boxes. Instructor Firas Iskandarani takes us through the ropes.

Mad Skills is a union of movement, control and strength. The main focus is to work on the mastery of various basic gymnastic skills that will carry over to more complex movements. There isn't, unlike many of our other frame-based classes, a strong lean toward metabolic conditioning (in other words, the aim isn't to have class members' hearts beating out of their chests).

The class starts with a range of shoulder and hip mobility exercises and stretches, this serves to try and relieve any tightness from the daily grind and any other training. It also effectively preps the body for the pressing, climbing and swinging to come. The main section will cover a variety of movements using the frame, climbing ropes, olympic rings and plyometric boxes as well as purely ground-based bodyweight movements that will develop coordination, strength and flexibility.

The skills are progressed weekly, but will always remain scalable to all levels. A conditioning element finishes off the class which focuses on maintaining quality of movement rather than reps amassed or time taken for completion. Unleash your inner gymnastic ninja now and book on to Mad Skills. Unfortunately, no leotards can be offered to participants...

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