Class review – ​Movember

Class review – ​Movember

This year there's a new way to do Movember. The challenge is to MOVE with your mo every day of Movember – so at Gymbox we have designed a class to both improve and challenge your ability on the frame as you grow your mo. In four weeks develop your pull up skill, whether you struggle to get up once or want to improve technique in this progressions class. So get stuck in, says Tom Wheatley of The Allrounder.

By now we all know what Movember is right? An amazing charity that aims to help various issues affecting men globally. Things like prostate and testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Things that are important. Things that we should all care about and get involved with straight away. It doesn't even have to be November by the way, they do good stuff all year round.

And how are men showing their support for the cause? Well, they grow moustaches, obviously. Or at least attempt to. There's a chap in my office who apparently hasn't shaved for two weeks. All I could find were seven small translucent hairs earlier. Looked like he'd just wiped his upper lip with a new towel from Primark.

Of course, you don't have to grow a moustache to support Movember. The moustache is a symbol you see. A gesture to show your ongoing pledge to the cause over the month. Which is where Gymbox's latest class comes in, also called Movember in fact, which makes things easier.

Much like the growth of a moustache, or lack of it in the case of my glabrous colleague. Gymbox's Movember class is about progression. However instead of hair length, the progression is pull-ups.

Over the course of the month people coming along to the class carry out a series of exercises before finally being tested at the end of the session to see how many pull-ups they can actually do in a minute. It really is a simple as that. Which is good as we like simple classes. We like pretty much anything that's simple in fact. Beans on toast, Jason Statham films, Homes Under The Hammer – that sort of thing.

The class we did worked on the principle of a circuit covering four main muscle groups: abs, legs, chest and back. One exercise for each carried out for one minute, then two minutes on the second round. Easy right?

And unlike some of the classes you may do at Gymbox, you know, the ones where you walk out like you've just travelled to a volcano in Mordor, it won't actually kill you. It's a bit more like a personal training session focusing on form and improvement.

At the end of the session everyone tries to do as many pull-ups as possible in a minute. Then the following week you do it again, basking in the amazing improvements you've made over the previous week. We won't tell you how many we can do, let's just say we've had a fun summer and leave it at that.

More about Moving in Movember here.

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