Dare: Dare to share!

Dare: Dare to share!

It's February! So this means 'Dare'. The whole month will be dedicated to pushing you to discover new ways of getting even fitter, and that includes daring not only yourself, but others around you. Jen Slater tells us it's time to introduce the array of what Gymbox has to offer to your nearest and dearest. "Dare someone to try something new – invite someone into your sweaty world" she says.

Pushing yourself harder than ever before, keeping up with whatever new creative class is thrown at you or breaking out some crazy moves in a packed gym when the right beats are dropped – you don't need to be told to be daring, you're already brave as can be, whether it's in the gym, pounding the pavement or out in the big wide world.

But what about those around you. Do your friends shy away from a challenge? Are your colleagues scared of a little change? Do your family live firmly inside their comfort zone?

Seeing as we're in the month of love, I think it's time we started sharing our daring nature and introduce our nearest and dearest to a brave new world with a little push. Dare someone to try something new, to break their routine, ditch their usual and dive into the unfamiliar and invite someone into your sweaty, sometimes painful but oh so satisfying world.

Sharing, they say, is caring and what better way to show your love than by helping to open the door to a braver self. Being daring enough to step out of a cosy comfort zone is great for confidence, brilliant for creating life experiences and it might just bring you even closer together.

How to begin? Gymbox's ever-changing range of imaginative classes challenge both body and brain. And because each is unique – where else can you bounce around with springs on your feet or rave as you get some 'om' on – a session will certainly pull a newcomer way out of their comfort zone. Invite someone along and if they like it enough, in time, it may be them pushing you to dare more!

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