DJ Spotlight – Meet Richard Lee

DJ Spotlight – Meet Richard Lee

Richard Lee is resident DJ at Gymbox Bank. "People sometimes run up to the DJ booth to film me mixing, or to take a picture with me. Is nice to feel the appreciation!" he says. Check out his house DJ mix for Gymbox on our Mixcloud.

Hi Richard! You're a DJ at Gymbox Bank, do people still look surprised when they see a DJ while they're working out?

Yeah, sometimes! When new members come in, or when they're being taken on a tour of the gym, it seems to be one of the focal points for them! They will usually smile and give a friendly wave – it's nice!

How do you think having a DJ in a gym impacts on one's workout?

As a DJ you're in control of your crowd's energy, all depending on what you play and how your playing it! People are used to seeing a DJ when they're out and about on the weekend, so to have a DJ in the gym while they're working out taps into that fun, high-energy mindset.

What tunes would pop up in your usual set?

I love to play house and garage, which is great as there has been big revival of those genres recently. I try to play pumping basslines, with vocals people recognise – tunes such as like Adele vs. Sam Supplier - We Could of Had It All.

Do you ever get members asking for requests?

I haven't had any requests since I've been at Gymbox. I'd like to think that means I'm doing a good job!

Must be interesting watching people train, have you witnessed anything unusual?

If a certain song comes on I have often seen people dancing in-between sets. And, on a few occasions, people have run up to the DJ booth to film me mixing, or to take a picture with me. It's nice to feel the appreciation!

Any comparisons between a gym crowd and a regular club crowd?

The main thing is is that they're having fun, which is great. Whatever your doing – whether it be working, partying or training at the gym – it's always 100 times better when it's fun and your enjoying yourself.

What are the main highlights of being a DJ?

For me I've always loved music, so just being able to play out, and see people dancing to stuff you like, is really a great buzz! Even if I'm in a club on a night off I get an itch to get behind the decks again! It's a passion!

And finally, tell us about your DJ mix you've made for us

I've put together something a little special, personal favourites of mine, and some new tracks. Should make those treadmill runs a little easier, and those hard heavy sets a lot more enjoyable!

Richard Lee's Gymbox House Mix by Gymbox on Mixcloud

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