Play Harder! Gymbod – Meet Shirin Keeble

Play Harder! Gymbod – Meet Shirin Keeble

Shirin Keeble, 27, is a member of Gymbox Farringdon and is a 'Semi Permanent Makeup Artist'. "I tattoo people's makeup on for a living!" she says. We loved her tattoos so much we had to meet her.

Hi Shirin! Tell us the most interesting thing about you?

I was brought up on a farm in the middle of the Welsh countryside so don't feel particularly German or Pakistani, or Welsh for that matter! I've been in London coming up to 10 years, so I feel like a Londoner.

You have some amazing tattoos, tell us the story behind them

They are the remnants of a couple of amazingly irresponsible summers a few years ago! I've always loved big tattoos, and love everything Japanese – especially cherry blossom trees – hence the cherry blossom tree up my leg. I drew it myself, I just wanted something a bit different! There is always the urge to get more, I have a couple of other small ones but think i'll leave it at that now... I don't want to be a crazy old tattooed lady! Annoyingly people are still quite judgemental about large tattoos, especially on girls.

You tattoo makeup on people, what kind of people want that done?

It's so common these days! Especially people who have sparse or no eyebrow hair, or older women whose eyebrows have receded. All types of women want perfect brows all the time, and more and more also get their eyeliner and lip colour tattoos on to make their lips look fuller. It's basically a way to look like you've got makeup on even first thing in the morning!

How did you get into that?

A year ago I was sitting in an office doing a recruitment job that I hated, and thought, enough is enough. I quit there and then, did my training in micropigmentation, set up my semi-permanent make up business and have loved it from day one. I've always been an artist and love creative things. I had wanted to be a tattoo artist at one point but there are so many people doing it. I also love health and beauty, and this fits in well with all of that.

Do you use it yourself? Handy for sweating in the gym?

Yes, I tattoo my own eyebrows on as I have none! And yes it's great for the gym as the sweat doesn't make them run off or smudge.

You love house music, what's your house power tune?

Right now Richy Ahmed ft. Kevin Knapp 'The Drums'.

If Gymbox were a festival, which one would it be?

We Are Festival because of the all the mad colourful decor.

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