Support Errol Christie in his fight against cancer

Support Errol Christie in his fight against cancer

Errol Christie is still battling against lung cancer – the biggest fight of his life.

Errol's treatment is ongoing, but he is still very unwell and all of us at Gymbox want to support him in the biggest fight of his life – we are hoping you will join us. We invite you to support Errol by donating into our Errol Christie fund which has been put in place to support Errol throughout his treatment, and to give Errol his first ever holiday.

Errol Christie, 51, was the very first VPT/boxing trainer who joined Gymbox in 2003. He was introduced to Gymbox founder Richard Hilton at a boxing event during the early stages of Gymbox's inception. Errol formed the original fabric of the brand, and has been intrinsic to its development over the years. He has become a highly valued member of the team.

Although diagnosed with lung cancer – despite having never smoked – Errol will apply his fighting spirit to doing what he can to conquer the disease. All of us here at Gymbox, and our members, are giving Errol our utmost support – he has become part of the Gymbox family. Sadly, as a freelance personal trainer and coach, he no longer has a source of income.

As a boxing trainer at Gymbox, Errol has trained amateur boxers such as Dermot O'Leary, amongst many others who've passed through his hands. He, himself, as a former boxing champion, has fought 41 bouts, taking 32 wins, including 26 by knock-out. Errol was also captain of English Boxing Team between 1980-1983. Errol was also European Boxing Champion in 1983; made regular appearances on ITV's Fight Night during the 80s, and has also had a book written about him called No Place To Hide.

Donate now to the Errol Christie fund.