Feature – Fitness Hair Top Tips

Feature – Fitness Hair Top Tips

Got long hair and struggling with how to wear it for our classes? Then never fear, Rebecca Bryant of the Style Dynamo is here with some of her fitness hair top tips.

Whether you're rocking the barre or swinging off the trapeze, be ready from head-to-toe. Now, when it comes to hair, you may want to just pull it back and whack it up in a top knot. But there are other ways to style longer locks to ensure you're set to hit the beat and look the part. With a bit of inspiration from us, you can look every bit the part. Here are six dos to suit six of our top classes.

Two braided Trapeze

While it may be a challenge in body weight training and balance, it's certainly not in the hair department. A simple way to keep your hair locked down while you fly through the air is by trying the two braid approach. Find your centre parting, split your locks in two and plait from the nape of the neck. Fasten with a band and hey presto, you'll be ready to join the circus (or at least work up a sweat).

Say high to Waack & Vogue

If you're old enough to remember Madonna in her hey-day, you'll know what we're talking about when we say slick it back and pile it high. Yup, the only way to Waack and Vogue is to scrape your hair back into a high pony. Think slick and shiny so that spotlight bounces off your barnet, use a fine toothcomb to ensure every hair is in place and fix with a strong band and hairspray. Then when the dance cardio class begins you can whip your hair around like you just don't care and vogue in ultimate style.

Rock the Barre bun

Loosen up that high bun and let it hang slightly looser to reflect the Rock the Barre philosophy. Pull your hair back into a low pony at the nape of the neck, twist into a loose bun and fix in place with a few hair grips and band (scrunchie if you dare). But remember, while this class may be more flexible when it comes to formal ballet etiquette, the moves are designed to be tough and create that longer and leaner physique of the ultimate prima ballerina.

Plait it at Express FightKlub

If you're doing any kind of cardio, you want your hair to be well and truly off your face and the ultimate way to keep it in check is a French plait. Neat and used for thousands of years, this will make sure your focus is on the class that incorporates kicking and punching to the beat. Release your inner Lara Croft and start from the top of your hairline with three strands of hair. Then gradually add hair into each strand as you continue to plait down the back of your head. Fasten with a thin band. It's a tricky one to start with but you'll look every inch a warrior once done.

No half measures at Wattbike

Another cardio class, calls for action in the hair department. This time tie up any loose ends with a split pony. Pull half of your hair into a half up half down pony, making sure you comb in any wayward strands. Then pull the bulk of your hair into a full pony sitting on the top of your head. This will also prevent your neck from getting too warm so you can concentrate on the high intensity workout on the Wattbike.

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