Feature – Winter Training Tips

Feature – Winter Training Tips

Need some training inspiration during these winter months? Then brace yourselves, as Sophie Kay of Fitology is here to show us the way.

It’s the second week of January and how are your resolutions going? With only 10% of people actually sticking to their resolutions, here are my top tips on how you can keep the momentum going through the cold winter months.

  • Start small
  • Make changes slowly
  • Stay safe
  • Get indoors
  • Mix it up
  • Sweat with friends
  • Sign up for an event

If you’ve never run before and you set out to run a marathon chances are you’re going to fail. Start small. Set your sights on a 5k event, then 10k, then a half, then a full marathon. Keeping your goals smaller and within reasonable reach means that you won’t feel overwhelmed and you’re more likely to stick with a plan.

A lot of people focus on nutrition after the excesses of Christmas but again, don’t go from a fry-up breakfast every day to following a strict paleo diet. Start by cutting out one food that isn’t doing you any favours, and go from there. Soon your taste buds will have retrained themselves into actually liking kale and finding fizzy drinks too sweet.

One of the dangers of exercising outdoors in the winter is the darkness, especially along London’s canals. There are often no street lamps along canals and all it takes is for an unlit bike to whizz past you and suddenly it’s a swimming cardio session. Light yourself up like a beacon with a head torch, reflective gear and even try bike lights on a belt. Best idea is to join Gymbox's new sessions with Run Dem Crew, for safety in numbers and to discover some of the best night running routes in London.

If you love your cardio why not spend the winter increasing your strength and just watch how it improves your cardio performances. Ask one of the Gymbox VPTs for advice on how to build strength specifically for your goals.

What with the wind, rain and darkness you’d be forgiven for not wanting to train outside at all. It could be a good time to get creative with your training so try some high intensity circuits at the gym or join one of the many classes that are on offer at Gymbox.

Admit it, we’ve all turned off the alarm because we can hear the rain outside, but if you’ve scheduled a workout date with a friend then there’s no excuses to get out of the door and get sweaty. Even better, plan in breakfast or a coffee for after the workout, so you have something to keep you going when the workout gets tough.

There’s nothing more motivating than the fear of an upcoming challenge, so sign up for something at the beginning of spring and watch your motivation rise and you realise that you have to train, there’s no choice! Wind, rain, snow or darkness, that challenge is going to get owned so get training!

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