Fresh! Gymbod - Meet AJ Hill!

Fresh! Gymbod - Meet AJ Hill!

"I take oral hygiene very seriously." Meet mega fresh AJ Hill, member of Gymbox Farringdon.

Hi AJ! How do you feel about being picked as this week’s Gymbod?

What an honour! I’d like to thank my mum, my dad...

It’s our ‘fresh’ month - what’s ‘fresh’ about you?

I take oral hygiene very seriously, so I’d have to say my breath.

Nice. How do you keep your training interesting?

I try not to stick to any planned routines and just do what I feel like doing on the day. If you don’t like what you’re doing then it’s an up hill battle, and you tend to slack off or cut your workout short. I usually run to the gym in the mornings, combined with the odd lunchtime session and the very occasional weekend. I try and get in there three times a week.

You love drum ’n’ bass - does it help with your performance?

Absolutely! Everything else feels a little slow when you’re in the gym. The odd days that I forget my headphones I’m less focused. I go in to my own little world and sync reps with the peaks and troughs in the track.

What are your top three work out tunes?

Total Science & Riya - Redlines (Break Remix) Dub Phizix - The Clock Ticks S.P.Y. - By Your Side

What are your goals?

I signed up for the London Marathon, so I already have one eye on that. Just to finish it would be a major achievement but I’d like to run a decent time.

What do you swear by to aid your fitness?

I don’t use protein powders or supplements or anything like that, but I’ve just started the 5:2 diet because I have a terrible sweet tooth!

What’s your favourite thing about Gymbox?

It feels like you’re working out in a night club - can it get much better than that?

What do you think about when you’re working out?

Finishing! I try and play little games with myself using the time on the clocks. Like I need to get to a certain distance before a certain time, for example. I also get my thoughts in order for the day ahead.