Fresh: Meet new VPT, Dean Delandro!

Fresh: Meet new VPT, Dean Delandro!

Hello hello! We have a new VPT. Meet Dean Delandro, latest recruit at Gymbox Holborn. "I fell in love with the Gymbox brand almost immediately" he gushes, "It’s set a new bench mark for what a gym should be".

Hi Dean, welcome to Gymbox, how’s it going for you so far?

I couldn’t ask for a better environment to train and help develop my clients. With helpful and friendly staff at the doors it starts all sessions on a positive note and the theme continues throughout the gym. It’s obvious to see that the members at Gymbox aren’t there to pose in the mirror, they all seem serious about their training and have an uncompromising drive to push themselves to the limit.

What was it about Gymbox that attracted you to work for us?

I already have a well established client base in two other gyms in North London, but when I found out about Gymbox and all the facilities and equipment it had to offer I knew that I had to go and check it out! Finally I got the chance when I got called to do a photo shoot in Gymbox Holborn one Sunday morning. As soon as I stepped in the building I was amazed - the layout was modern and with such a wide and diverse functional mobility area, I literally spent hours playing with it all. But what attracted me most to the gym wasn’t just the facilities and equipment, I fell in love with the brand. Just in the same way that you have your favourite coffee shop or favourite clothing brand, Gymbox had captivated me and set a new bench mark for what a gym should be.

What does being a VPT mean to you?

Being a VPT is much more than just delivering an outstanding one-to-one session to clients, it’s about giving someone the ability to see their future potential. It’s not about motivating someone for ’one more rep’ - it’s looking at the bigger picture and consistently pushing them until they reach their goals. The gym is only a fraction of what it takes to create something amazing, it’s outside of the gym where people will really be tested and although a VPT can’t spend every hour with a client, they will create structure to make sure the client can handle these tough and testing situations.

What do you think you can bring to the Gymbox table?

What’s amazing at Gymbox is that each VPT specialises in something different and they are all extremely good in there niche areas of training. From CrossFit to body building, there’s always a specialist to help. The area that I specialise in is aesthetic conditioning, basically, training to look fantastic. I work with lots of fitness models and actors preparing for shoots or filming, and they need to look their absolute best. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s also about proportions and isolating weak points or problem areas until they become the person’s best asset. It’s obvious that this can’t be done through training alone, that’s why my focus is not purely on training, it’s an equal proportion of training, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Can small changes really make a difference?

Yes! Changing small things can make a huge difference to the way a person looks, acts and feels, and once these things start to change it creates focus and drive to continue getting better. What I offer to my clients is dynamic and continually changing training along with in depth macro and micro tracked nutrition programmes that are easy to stick to as they are tailored around the persons lifestyle. I also offer detailed body calibrations and chart tracked progress to make sure the person continues getting better from week to week.

What goals can you help our members achieve?

Being an aesthetic coach my goal is to help members look fantastic. Whether it be for a photo shoot, wedding or a holiday all I need is a time frame and I plan absolutely every detail on the run up to that specific date. It could be one year or four weeks, I will help prescribe a programme that will have them looking their absolute best.

This month is ‘Fresh’ month, what advice can you give to someone looking to make a fresh start/make some changes in their life?

My fresh month top tip is macro dieting. It has been one of the most effective forms of dieting for years, but a real struggle to stick to as it can be very time consuming and hard to track, until now. With the advance of android and smart phone apps it has now become seemingly effortless in comparison to previous methods. In minutes you calculate macros and and record a food diary where before could have taken hours. The best thing about this style of dieting is... You can eat what you like!

So what is macro dieting?

A macro relates to a portion of your daily calories, i.e if you need 2,100 kcal to loose 0.5 kg per week you break those calories into 3 sections, protein, carbohydrates & fats. You may want what is called a 30/30 split which is equal proportions of each, or a low carbs split if you are carb sensitive, or a low protein split if you are vegetarian and struggle to meet your protein quota. This is what makes the diet so effective as you can manipulate it around your lifestyle.

In your experience of transformations, how do people change emotionally as well as physically?

The biggest thing I notice when people get the bug for fitness isn’t just the aesthetic, fitness and health related goals, it’s also the change in character. I always ask people, "When you reach your goals, how will it make you feel?" and the same answers come up over and over again: more confident, more attractive, motivated and happier. So by training and changing the way you look you get so much more than just the personal vanity aspect, it can have a positive effect on relationships, work life, social life, future goals and much more.

What do you like most about being a fitness model?

Being a fitness model constantly keeps me focused and helps me maintain my physique. If I get called for a photo shoot and I’m out of shape at the time I would have to turn down the opportunity, which is something that I would hate to do. It’s also a way that I can turn a hobby into a profession, I love to train and eat healthily and I love to see the changes in my body from week to week, so it would be silly not to get paid for it. Most importantly I use it as a platform to motivate and inspire others...

Is it not a bit narcissistic?

Honestly speaking I would say no. I am simply looking to constantly self improve from both the outside and in and motivate others through my journey. Unfortunately in my industry Personal Trainers are easily judged on face value and this is understandable as I’m sure people would ask the question "if you’re not in shape, how do you expect to get me in shape?". So a small element of vanity is important to my brand in the sense that I pay attention to the way I look, and make sure that I’m looking my best when training a client. When Vanity and arrogance meet, that’s when it becomes narcissistic in my view.

Want to train with Dean? Then don’t be shy, drop him a line.