Fresh: New Classes!

Fresh: New Classes!

It's all getting a bit fresh with us here at Gymbox. The new Old Street club opening and we also have a bundle of new classes to help get you into the best shape of your life. Inspired by dance, football, acrobatics and ballet, these new classes are the best in fitness innovation around. So what are you waiting for?

A-Z of Dance

Arabesque, drop, krump, rumba, shuffle, twerk, whine.. join this high energy dance class and let your instructor lead you on a journey through the A-Z of Dance.

Wednesday 7pm, Bank / Wednesday 6.45pm, Covent Garden / Wednesday 6.45pm, Holborn / Wednesday 7.00pm, Old Street / Thursday 6.15pm, Westfield / Thursday 6.15pm, Farringdon

American Football Fit

Hut hut hut... up your game in this HIIT based training session, focusing on American Football drills to develop fitness, strength, mobility and endurance. No need to be an athlete to take this class - you'll build strength and endurance to be at the top of your game.

Thursday 6pm, Westfield / Friday 6pm, Farringdon

No Holds Barred

Get ready to embrace the pain! Split into two teams, frame bars versus barbells, your trainer will push you to your limits. NO HOLDS BARRED!

Monday 12.15pm, Bank / Thursday 12.15pm, Holborn / Friday 12.30pm, Farringdon

Acro Yoga

The lesson in this holistic class is to trust and let go! Acro Yoga blends yoga, acrobatics and massage. The class will include a combination of asana sequences, partner yoga, assisted inversions and partner acrobatics. No experience is required, nor is a partner. Open to all levels, modifications and variations will be given.

Monday 7.30pm, Covent Garden / Wednesday 6.15pm, Bank / Thursday 12.15pm, Farringdon / Thursday 6.45pm, Holborn

Rock the Barre

A choreographed barre class for a complete body workout, forget formal ballet etiquette and get ready to rock the barre. Create a longer, leaner, stronger body will rocking out! No Ballet experience needed and no tutus allowed!

Tuesday 7.15pm, Westfield / Thursday 1.00pm, Farringdon /Thursday 6.45pm, Covent Garden