Fresh: Spartan Training Camp review

Fresh: Spartan Training Camp review

Are you hard enough to try our Spartan Training Camp? Well our pal and writer Tom Wheatley certainly is. "I don't own any loincloths or have any idea where to find them, but I thought I'd give this a go" he gushes. This is what happened. 

I went to Spartan training camp for the sole reason that it sounded quite cool. Unlike UFC Fit or Gymboxing, where the name gives you a fairly good clue as to what you'll actually be doing, Spartan fit means very little; unless it was some sort of outdoor wrestling where long-haired men wear loincloths and jeer a lot.

I was pleased to find that it wasn't that, not least because I don't own any loincloths or have any idea where to find them (probably TK Maxx). Instead Spartan Training Camp is more akin to your average HIIT class. The format is fairly simple, although Michal the instructor tells me it changes every session so the exercise are likely to be different for subsequent classes.

The session is split into sets of the same exercises that are repeated over the 45 minutes. For us it was a range of compound movements including one-arm squat thrusters, kettlebell swings, bent over row and bicycle crunches. As the sets continue the amount of time spent performing each exercises increases. The idea being that you can take the same workout away from the class and challenge yourself to longer and harder sessions on your own.

For that reason it’s a very good class for beginners as there’s a heavy focus on form from Michal, who watches you like a hawk to make sure you’re doing it right. It also means new people can learn a range of exercises that cover the whole body. Although that’s not to say it’s easy; it’s a scalable class which leans towards weights work and gets very tough if you up your kilograms. I was covered in sweat by the end.

Spartan training camp is a good all-round class so you’ll get your cardio, strength and toning all in one go. You can’t really lose! 

Go on! Give it a whirl and book yourself in!