Fresh: TRX Class Review

Fresh: TRX Class Review

Member and writer Tom Wheatley just can't get enough. This week he tried his hand at TRX at Gymbox Farringdon. "I'm still hoping there will come a day when someone tells to do burpees and I don't suddenly feel a sense of dread" he says. This is what happened.

I've never tried TRX out for two main reasons. Firstly because I had, up until now, no idea what they actually did, and secondly because I always thought it looked quite easy. That last thought was completely disproved when I tested it out at Farringdon.

The first thing to mention about the Farringdon frame area is that it's enormous. It's a bit like an adult version of some kind of jungle gym. I challenge anyone to walk in there without ending up hanging form something or swinging across bars like that “Hang Tough” game in Gladiator

My prior assumption, which as usual whenever I do these classes, was completely wrong. I thought a TRX class would be a slow-paced conditioning class focussing on stretching. In reality it's a combination of strength training, core work and high intensity blocks across the 45 minutes.

One half of the room worked on TRX movements while the rest of us did various floor work and body weight exercises. I'm still hoping there will come a day when someone tells to do burpees and I don't suddenly feel a sense of dread.

The TRX exercises are split across the main muscle groups; the first set working the chest and triceps, the second the back and biceps. As I write this now, two days later, I can still feel an ache in my arms I don't normally get from weights. The final exercise saw us performing a sort of plank with our legs hanging by the TRX handles, then we raised our knees to either side of our chests. Suddenly their were a lot of grunts and moans from everyone.

For anyone looking for an all-round work out it's well trying out along with kettlebells. In addition to the increased cardio from the floor work, training using a TRX can be as hard as weight training. I was actually surprised how quickly I tired from the chest press and the tricep extensions. Add these two one minute pull-up holds and you have quite a formidable session.

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