Gymbod - meet Jonathan Hill

Gymbod - meet Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill, 26, originally from Bedford, is a town planner based in Camden. A member of Gymbox Farringdon, he shares with us how he wants to compete in powerlifting next year and how over-training stops him from bad dancing.

Hi Jonny. How does going to the gym help you cope with London life? 

Going to the gym helps me unwind. There’s nothing better than walking into the gym stressed, banging some weights around, and walking out feeling knackered.

Tell us about what you’re doing in the photos?

In the photos I’m doing some DB military press. I’ve started a new programme where it restricts my rest period to a set period. The weights are light when you begin, but by the end my muscles feel like they’re on fire!

What do you think about when you’re working out?

I think about my form, make sure I'm hitting the correct depth, keeping my core tight. People underestimate how much engaging your core can help with reps, even when you're sitting down!

What keeps you focussed?

Making gains, pure and simple. Always walk in the gym intending to lift more weight than the previous week. Whether it's one extra rep, or one kilo - it all counts.

Any goals?

My longterm goal is to compete in powerlifting in the next year or so (not to say I’ll be any good at it!) Knowing that I have that goal in the back of my head makes sure that I walk into the gym and give everything. If I’m not focussed, then I’m not making any gains.

Have you ever competed in anything before?

Apart from football, not really. I’m heading to a couple of powerlifting meets over the next few months to experience the atmosphere. I’m pretty excited. More excited to get under the bar on the platform though.

Do you have a reward system for yourself when it comes to training?

At the end of my training cycle, the weights start get close to my 1 rep max. After my last squat session where iIve truly succeeded in destroying my legs, I like to treat myself to a 'squatdonalds' - a massive takeaway and eating until I can’t eat anymore! This only happens once every six weeks so it's OK, or at least that what I keep telling myself!

Naughty. What does fitness mean to you?

Training means pushing myself. If I don’t feel exhausted when I walk out the gym, then I feel like I've left something in there...

Does being fit help you in any ways on a clubbing night out?

Ha, depends what I’ve been doing in the gym. If I’ve done a squat session a few days before the only thing that helps me with is looking like a fool. Sore legs does not help with throwing shapes!

How does Gymbox stand out from other gyms you’ve been to?

It’s unique, there are no other places that have a DJ thumping out music helping you to grind out a set. It’s got loads of equipment including Olympic weightlifting platforms, a prowler, and a safety squat bar! Rarely would you find that sort of equipment at any other gym.

What are the key components of your diet that you would never do without?

Protein and carbs. If I don’t eat enough of them before a session I feel the effects, big time. I usually structure my diet with a high carb intake on gym days and a lower carb intake on rest days. Oh, and let’s not forget about the veg!