Gymbod - Meet Russell Williams

Gymbod - Meet Russell Williams

Russell Williams, 33, member of Gymbox Holborn, works in financial recruitment by day and is an avid boxer by night. We meet him. 

Hi Russell. You look great - does keeping fit make you look and feel young?

I am young! I'm only 33!

How does boxing and staying in good shape help you with your work in finance?

It's brilliant, i get stressed as hell at work and come to the gym and smash away on the heavy bag and it all floats away - until the following day

You’ve got good hair, nice tats - will you be showing the young hipsters what’s what at our new Old Street site?

What's with this old thing?! I'll definitely be popping down there and showing them what's what... 

How many tattoos do you have? Can you describe them to us?

I have one full sleeve, my lower back and half of my left arm done. It's mainly religious images - cherubs/ guardian angel, sacred hearts and so forth. 

You say you love boxing, when did you first get into it?

I first started about seven years ago when one of your VPTs saw me on the punch bag. He said i should think about having a fight as he thought I had potential. The rest is history.

What do you love about boxing? 

There's no other sport like it. There's nothing to hide behind, no team mates to blame, no faulty equipment - it's a mental battle more than a physical one, and if you haven’t got your mind in the right place, you get punched! In the words of Mike Tyson: "everybody has a plan until they get punched". 

Have you competed? 

Yes, my last proper fight was a couple of years ago against a big lump at the Scala night club. It was a brilliant night, loads of my mates came to watch - which was lucky as a won that night! It was an experience I'll never forget.

Sunday afternoons - what do you prefer, a six pack from the fridge and Sky or get yourself in the gym?

Sunday is my day of rest, although no beers from the fridge as I'd probably be nursing a hangover.

What is your idea of pure bliss?

Has to be walking along the coast in Cornwall... 

Do you fight/train with women? How can we encourage more women to take part?

Not currently, which is probably a good thing. There are a few at the gym that I really wouldn't fancy my chances against! Boxing always has -  and always will be -  a male dominated sport as its marketed in that way. But places like Gymbox are brilliant at putting a different spin on it to try and encourage them. If women want an exciting, tough, easy to learn way of losing weight or getting fit then boxing is ideal. Come on ladies!

Any goals? If so, how do you set them?

SIX PACK! But if not I'll settle for a four pack. I'm also going to have another fight before the year is out.

What does fitness mean to you?

Everything. It keeps me happy, keeps my mind active, takes stress away and makes me feel confident.

Do you heart Gymbox? 

Yes! I love it. It's arguably the best gym I've ever trained at, and I've trained at several gyms over the years. Gymbox has it all.