Gymbox Originals: Rave class review

Gymbox Originals: Rave class review

In celebration of all things original, we salute one of Gymbox’s most celebrated classes, Rave. We sent in friend and writer Hayley Nolan to embrace the Glowsticks and see what all the fuss is about. "It’s hard not to laugh when you feel like you’re 14-years-old, sneaking into in a nightclub, and breaking out some questionable dance moves!" she says.

Gymbox has become a social activity for me (I don’t get out much) so it’s serendipitous that they have decided to fuse working out with going out, meaning I now don’t need to leave the gym in order to parrr-deee! Yep, one of Gymbox’s most successful classes - well before the birth of events such as Morning Glory - is Rave. All I knew about this class in advance was that there was going to Glowsticks and trampolines involved. Alas, no vodka shots, but still, I didn’t take much convincing to sign up!

As the title suggests, I was expecting it to be high intensity, but even so, it was the sheer speed of the class that really took me by surprise! The seasoned regulars - who had clearly done this before and were blessed with slightly better coordination skills than me - bounced through those routines like the Duracell Bunny! Side note: before beginning embarking on Rave, don’t eat or drink ANYTHING for a good hour beforehand. I, however, raced to class whilst downing fruit, water, cheese and ham (picnic on the go) which I soon discovered to be a big mistake when the lights were turned down, the Glowsticks were snapped, and we launched into a fast paced series of bounces, spins, leaps and kicks on those 80’s inspired mini trampolines! (at least I think that’s what you call them - I’m not ’down’ with the equipment terminology just yet).

45 minutes passed in a blur of florescent lights, loud beats and bouncing butts (and me lying on the trampoline shouting "I’ve got a stitch, carry on without me!"). But, it’s a testament to the concept of the class that I had a smile on my face the whole time, as I’m usually to be found scowling at the instructors (nothing personal, you must understand) as they order more sadistic torture in the form of burpees and squats.

It’s hard not to laugh when you’re being lead in an energetic routine that makes you feel like you’re 14 years old, sneaking into in a nightclub and breaking out some questionable dance moves! And if you ever feel like you’re losing energy, you only need look at the perfectly toned bottom of the person in front of you (you know, that person who always gets the moves spot on and are in time to the music and everything - show off) to inspire you to keep going! After all, that’s why we’re there, to sweat off the calories, without realising we’re putting in the hard work.

Such a laugh, such a fun concept - and I even got to keep my Glowsticks at the end. Let the party continue!

What are you waiting for? Become a Gymbox Original and book into Rave on our classes.