Instructor Spotlight – Meet Giselle Grant

Instructor Spotlight – Meet Giselle Grant

Giselle Grant, originally from Texas, kicks our members' butts on a regular basis by teaching Hardcore, Kettlebells, Ripped & Stripped, Frame Fitness and Metcon. "I love to push people to their limits, and seeing them smile after it" she says.

What has been the highlight of your week?

Holding a 'support position' on the Olympic rings for a minute with only 1-5 second rest.

You teach a variety of classes for Gymbox, do you have a favourite?

Gosh that's a hard one, they are all unique in their own way. I would say all of them!

How many classes do you teach a week? How do you keep your energy up?

I teach two days a week at Gymbox Bank, but I cover loads of other classes, too. So, if you add those up it's around five + per week. As for energy, plenty of sleep! Anything less than seven hours and I become a zombie! So I recommend sleep to everyone!

What do you do on your days off? Please tell us you are normal and eat cake and watch telly sometimes.

I try and do some yoga or pilates to help with my stretching. I also enjoy spending quality time with my dog. And yes, I do have my cheat days. I wouldn't be fully human if I didn't!

How would you describe our members is three words?

Positive, motivated, and powerful.

And yourself?

Dedicated, driven, and determined.

You’re from Texas, do Londoners approach fitness differently to those back home?

Well, some of the things I've seen in America don't happen everywhere in the states. But, for example, appearances seem to be more important in the states than here. Also, there tends to be more 'cheerleader' trainers in the US than here in the UK. So giving high fives at the end of class is quite a normal thing to do, but here in the UK you may just get a funny look.

You worked a speech therapist before becoming an instructor full-time, tell us about this transition

Speech therapy was something I just ran into. We had a career shadow day our senior year of high school and I overheard someone say that's who they were shadowing. So I did the same, but ended up really enjoying it, and made it my career. I gave it up because I wanted a new change, but also wanted to get my feet wet and learn more about the industry that I became quite passionate about. And I have no regrets! I was able to transfer some useful skills such as better social and communication skills, and diaphragm breathing, which is useful when shouting at a big group of people!

How has working in fitness changed you as a person?

I was quite a shy person before, so having to be in front of people and in the spotlight helped me step out of myself and gain confidence.

What gives you the biggest thrill as an instructor?

Pushing people to their limits and seeing them smile afterwards.

How do you want people to feel when they leave your classes?

As if they can do anything as long as they put their mind into it. Anyone can go above and beyond – if they are head strong.

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