Instructor spotlight – meet John Lee Orgill

Instructor spotlight – meet John Lee Orgill

There's a new Bikes & Beats instructor in town! Meet fitness and music enthusiast, John Lee Orgill. "I like my members to come out of my classes as if they have just come out from a mini rave!" he says.

Hi John! You’ve been teaching spin for seven years, what keeps you motivated to teach it?

Definitely music! I have an interest in many different genres and spin lets me play music I love to motivate people. There is so much music out there, I can see myself teaching spin for a very long time!

Describe your teaching style to us

I mostly teach off the bike. My first five years of teaching spin I was on the bike. But after picking up an injury I had to find a way to teach, and recover at the same time. I developed my style of teaching off the bike, but made sure I was giving just as much energy and working just as hard, if not more.

How do spinners usually respond to this method?

Most people, if they have never done a spin class with an instructor off the bike, look a bit unsure at the beginning. But, by the end of the class when they see that I am sweating just as much as everyone else, and able to give them the motivation they need people really seem to enjoy my classes.

How important is music in your classes?

My music is extremely important to my classes. Spin is all about working to the beat of the music. I like my members to come out of my classes as if they have just come out from a mini rave!

Where do you source the music?

I source my music in many different ways. Being an instructor for so long every time I hear a song I am thinking in my head how I can convert it into a spin song. I hear music when I am out and about. Shazam is very useful! And I am always on YouTube and Spotify looking for new songs.

How much prep does it take for each class?

I always like to have a new spin mix for each class. Just in case there are people who have done my class the day before, I don't want to play the same mix. So, before every class I find time to sit down and go through my phone to create an individual spin mix. I would never play a song that I haven't worked out the choreography for. Although I have now taken on a new challenge through Gymbox teaching Bike & Beats with a DJ, I may be out of my comfort zone slightly as I'm now relying on someone else for the music of the class. However, I'm really enjoying teaching this way, and hopefully the members are too!

You’re a born and bred Londoner, do you think this has influenced your music style?

I'm definitely a fan of the London grime scene. Being in London there are always opportunities to discover new music. This is probably why I have such a mix of music tastes. My parents were always listening to different types of music, and this has influenced my style.

What interests do you have outside of the gym and fitness?

I'm not much of a clubber any more. But I do love going to gigs and festivals. I've been lucky enough to see many different artists perform in many different places. I also like to travel, when I get a chance! Once every couple of months I try to get away for a long weekend and discover a new part of Europe.

You say you don’t DJ, would you like to get into that if you had the opportunity?

I would love to DJ! It's something I've always thought about doing. Although I don't get to mix tracks, during my classes I almost feel like I'm a DJ as I get to play songs I really love to people to motivate them.

Who are your favourite DJs?

Growing up DJ EZ was definitely one of my favourites. His mixes inspired me to want to play around with garage music.

Why do you think spinning has become so popular over the last few years?

Recently in the music charts there has been a lot of dance music, and these genres are perfect for spin. When people like the music played in the classes, they enjoy themselves even more. Spin is a great was to get cardio exercise in to your routine. It's a low impact, high intensity exercise.

How does it differ, say, from going for a run?

Personally I think the only time you should run is when your chasing or running after something, or someone! I believe that running puts too much pressure through your joints, and unless your doing the correct resistance training you can easily injure yourself. Spin is a low impact exercise, but is just as effective cardio-wise as going for a run.

Is too much spin, too much? Can it get addictive?

Too much of anything is too much! Exercise should be mixed up to get the best results. Doing a spin class a couple of times a week to get your cardio is something I would recommend. No matter what your goal is. I love teaching spin, I enjoy music. I may be addicted, but I think my addiction benefits everyone involved!

Catch John at these classes:

Covent Garden, Mondays, 7:15am

Farringdon, Wednesdays, 6:30pm

Old Street, Thursdays, 7:15am

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