Instructor spotlight – meet magician Sonia Benito!

Instructor spotlight – meet magician Sonia Benito!

Sonia Benito is not only a dance instructor, but a magician! Soon to audition for Britain's Got Talent. We meet her.

Hi Sonia! What’s been the highlight of your week so far?

My week as been busy as always, but my highlight was when I have got a phone call from the TV show Britain's Got Talent. It was really exciting news – I've been invited to go to the casting for the show, for 2017. So watch this space!

You're new to Gymbox, soon to teach Commercial Dance, how does it feel being part of the team?

It feels amazing! I love the vibe of Gymbox – the appearance, the method, everything about it. Also, they always show a lot of interest about what the teachers do, how they are, and if they need something. I'm really excited to start working at Gymbox.

What do you enjoy most about teaching this class?

As a professional dancer, to be able to share my knowledge and personal experience with my students is really special. Plus, when the teacher enjoy his/her work, everyone will enjoy the class even more! I love helping my students to reach their achievements by working closely with them to focus on their weakness and strengths. Always in a positive and fun way.

You have a rich background in dance, having performed with Rihanna and Pharrell Williams, please tell us about that!

It was an unforgettable experience as a dancer. To be able to work with such a big American choreographers like Tanisha Scott and Fatima Robinson, shows you how the industry works. I learnt a lot, just being in the same room as them. The energy was contagious and positive. Once rehearsals were over, and we were on the big stage at the 02 arena, it was amazing to see millions of people in the audience. It made you feel really small. But performing for such a big artist makes you realise that hard work always pays off. I will never forget the feeling performing next to them – the adrenaline, the goose bumps…

So impressive. What other skills do you have beside dance?

Recently I started training at the circus school, focusing on silks. It's amazing how challenging it can be, how your body changes day by day, and how strong you become. Being able to climb and express your feelings by doing drops, shapes, balances…. I definitely recommend it. You will get strong and flexible really fast!

You are originally from Spain, what made you move to London?

I moved to London when I was 19. I'm always full of energy, ambitious and curious. I wanted to follow my dreams, and I knew London had plenty of opportunities, plus I would learn a new language. Now, I feel really happy with the decision I made. I left my family, friends and comfort zone behind to follow my heart and dreams. After all these years living in London, I can say it was worth it!

Is it true you are a magician? How does magic and dance work together?

Yes, I've been a magician since I was 15, when I was part on a talent show back in Spain. I created my own shows, performing around cities in Spain. I then started doing more close up magic. When I moved to London I decided to combine magic with dance. Being a dancer makes everything easier. I have a different way to create my stage shows. Through choreography, all the elements of my show – music, dance, magic – work perfectly together, so the show won’t lose the focus of the magic. The space is filled by dance, creating the perfect harmony.

If you could have any magical super power, what would it be?

Be able to control minds… haha!, like the guy from X-men. I think I could do miracles!

What imprint do you hope to leave with us here at Gymbox?

Lots of motivation, and a lot of good vibes!

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