Meet the bloggers! Elle Linton of KeepitsimpElle

Meet the bloggers! Elle Linton of KeepitsimpElle

Every week this month we will be meeting the brains behind some of our favourite fitness blogs. This week we meet Elle Linton of Keepitsimpelle.

Hi Elle! Tell us about your blog KeepitsimpElle

KeepitsimpElle is a health and fitness blog which covers events, products, fitness fashion, food and everything that surrounds living a healthy and active lifestyle.

What made you start it?

I started my blog back in 2012 after a weekend of epic events, including two fitness festivals and my first ever 10km run. I was so excited about the weekend that I decided I had to start a blog.

What are your key aims behind the blog?

The aim is to inspire, motivate and empower everyone who crosses paths with me to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Personally, I'm always looking for ideas on what classes to do, healthy options for food, and love knowing everyone else journey to where they are today.

You say you love blogging, what is it about it you love the most?

I'm not a big talker – I'm more of a listener! So writing for me is the perfect outlet! I get to share my thoughts and stories with as many people that can read it, anywhere in the world, without having to repeat myself over and over again! I also love getting to know other bloggers and hear about their blogs and stories. As a blogger you sometimes get to try out experiences before anyone else, meet the people behind the brands to really get to know them, and go to places and do things you might never have otherwise considered. Who would say no to that?!

Your key angle is that you want to motivate people. How do you motivate yourself?

As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor myself (I teach NTC classes at Gymbox Holborn and Bank) I take inspiration and find motivation from every person that I teach, and every "training report" blog post that I read. When it's Friday night and my class is full, I have full respect for those that have chosen to get their workout in before the weekend really starts. If you work hard, and you put in the time, you get results. Also, I don't workout (solely) for the aesthetic results; I work out for body confidence, for emotional wellbeing and to feel empowered!

Being a PT and instructor keeps you busy, so is it hard to find the time to update content?

I take my inspiration for what to write from what I do so, it naturally fits together. I usually do my planning on-the-go, when commuting. So whenever an idea comes to me I make a note of it on my phone to come back to later. Every now and again I have someone guest post for me who is specialist in their area (i.e yoga), or have someone share their fitness journey. Although this takes a little time to edit, it saves me a little time doing the writing!

Have you had any unusual followers or comments since you set it up?

I've been lucky on both accounts. I know the online world can be a little cruel sometimes, but so far, touch wood, I've had nothing or no one that has offended me. Sometimes though, people can get offended when they read into what you say the wrong way! I try to write in my own voice so if you know me, you'll know nothing I say means any harm!

Is it effective in driving your PT business forward?

As a PT and blogger, I see myself more as an online expert. You know that what I share on my blog is backed up by qualifications and years of experience, and that I'm open to helping you out with advice with no hidden agenda. I'm not really looking to drive my PT business forward – I just wanna share what I know and help people achieve their goals.

You've got a an impressive amount of training qualifications under your belt, what's next?

I've been thinking about redoing my indoor cycling qualification, and maybe using it! I'd also love to hone my skills and become a master trainer as I love teaching, sharing ideas and helping others improve their skills. I'd also love to put together some project ideas and secure funding to support campaigns such as #ThisGirlCan, but on a more local scale.

Are you engaged with the fitness blogging community?

I run a community of bloggers all based in London. There's currently over 200 of us (and growing) who are all sharing ideas, getting to grips with blogging and getting to know each other. The group doesn't just host fitness blogs, so there are lots of amazing ideas flying around and collaborations happening all the time! The meet-ups are pretty friendly, and usually revolve around food and/or getting sweaty somehow! You get used to seeing the same faces, but everyones always open to welcoming fresh faces!

Is there competition or is it friendly and inclusive?

Luckily are the bloggers I know are friendly, but some do view other bloggers as competition. As far as I'm concerned, we can be stronger together!

How do you think UK fitness blogs differ from those in the US?

I think US blogs seem to a lot more branded – the brands in the US will pick ambassadors and then those ambassadors promote their products. It does work similarly over here, but not to the same extent. I think that UK blogs are maybe a little more impartial because of that.

And finally, as an instructor and friend to Gymbox, what is it about Gymbox that makes you happy?

I love the vibe! From the first time I stepped foot in Gymbox I knew I wanted to be a part of the party. The music, especially the live DJs, and the laid back atmosphere are totally me.

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