Meet the experts – How to get back your fitness mojo

Meet the experts – How to get back your fitness mojo

Losing your fitness mojo happens. While it can be a nuisance and take us off course, it doesn’t have to be a complete derailment. Here are my tips on how to break through the slumps and stay on track, whatever your goals might be, says Gymbox pole instructor, Deb Roach.

Be Real

Motivation is what gets us through the doors the first few times, but we all know consistency is key and sadly, that motivation and inspiration wears off. It’s normal! Accepting that you’ve lost your mojo and identifying whether you're tired, or just disinterested, is the first step. Then you can choose an appropriate solution.

Exercise is like cleaning your teeth, it is part of your regular routine and isn't debatable. By no means does it have to be boring, tedious or inflexible, though!

Change it up!

You’re not married to the current classes you regularly take and your exercise program NEEDS to be varied! Our bodies get used to the type of exercise we’re doing, so changing it up is just what the doctor ordered when we hit a plateau. Rekindling the fitness flames can be as easy as picking a new class to try, or even seeing one of Gymbox’s personal trainers, who are always happy to put you through your paces and inspire you with new moves.

If you’re currently doing a lot of dance classes and Barre, you might try and throw some strength training into the mix with Gymbox’s pole or aerial classes! If you live HIIT, maybe you could get your gloves on and try seating it out in the fight club or boxing ring.

Still love the class but not getting results? You don’t have to quit completely! As fitness enthusiasts, there’s never a good reason to hang up the gloves for good. You just do less of that, and more of something new. We grow and change by exposing ourselves to new experiences and taking in new information - fitness is no exception! Our bodies take time to learn new fitness formats, but they respond dramatically to change, too. Give it a go!

Find a Fit Friend

In our lives, we all know how important it is to have a strong support network. When times are tough, we have people we can call on for help. When life is great, we all celebrate! Having a rendez-vous with your fit friend, agreeing to meet at a certain day and time, makes you more likely to get there and keeps you accountable. The banter and shared benefits keep you going. Maybe a little bit of friendly competition might be what it takes to fuel your engines… Don’t know who to choose? It's as easy as identifying the people you regularly see at the gym. We all know how to start a conversation - but it doesn't need to be about the weather. Mention how much you enjoyed the class you just finished, ask them what other classes they like going to, how long they’ve been coming, how often they train. Have a chat and who knows - maybe your fit friend could become your best buddy!

Fend off Fatigue

Fatigue can be exacerbated if you’re doing a high volume of high intensity training as well experiencing work and/or life stress. External stress on the body can cause cortisone levels to skyrocket, reducing your body’s ability to recover from workouts. Don’t push it to breaking point - respect that you’ve only got one body and try to listen to what it needs. Adapting your training will reduce your risk of injury and illness, as well as keep you moving steadily towards your fitness goals.

It could be that a simple adjustment to the time you train might suit you better than what you’re currently doing and leave you feeling more energetic. There’s only one way to find out - try it and see! While work dictates our hours, the Gymbox doors open long before we start, throughout our lunch breaks and long after we finish. Work life balance is about what feels good for YOU and Gymbox is here to help you find the right fit.

Being nice to yourself isn't necessarily about buying a new fancy watch or eating comfort food. If you’re wound up and tense, Gymbox has a whole host of holistic classes designed to help you unwind. From yoga to Pilates, with S&M and cocoon in between, you’re bound to find something that you enjoy and makes you feel good. These classes also help you tune in to what’s going on in your physical body and learn more about yourself.

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