Meet Westfield Stratford sales guru Holly Williams!

Meet Westfield Stratford sales guru Holly Williams!

Meet Holly Williams, sales guru at Westfield Stratford. "I love the positive attitudes of everyone at Gymbox, make me happy!" she says.

Hi Holly, how has your day been so far?

I had an early start and now it's time to burn off some weekend calories with the help of some of the VPTs here. I might even have time to squeeze in an after-work drink...

Tell us about your Gymbox journey

I started on reception at Bank, which I loved. I do miss that interaction with the members sometimes – working on reception you get to meet all sorts of people. However, we have a great team over here at Westfield Stratford, and I'm really enjoying my time working in sales.

What have been the main highlights of working with us at Gymbox?

Every day at Gymbox is a highlight. Being able to work with such fun personalities makes me love coming into work. We always try to get together outside of work also. Work hard, play harder! And I did enjoy seeing our boss Richard Hilton getting spanked on stage at our recent Gymbox party.

What's the strangest sales query you've had regarding new membership?

I once had a lady who told me she just wanted membership to our pool facilities. This was after I showed her around. I also had someone ask if they could pay their joining fee in drinks for a whole night. It did sound like a good offer, but I had to decline unfortunately.

Does working in sales mean you have to try out all the classes?

We don't HAVE to try them out, and it's a little hard when you're working during class time and we have so many. However, I have done a few classes and really enjoyed them. My first Frame was at Bank, it was the hardest class I have ever done, but would pick that over a dance class any day. There is way too much light in the studios here at Stratford for me to dance – someone might actually see me.

What has it been like working on the opening of such a big new club, such as Westfield Stratford?

There have definitely been many challenges. During our first few months we saw how popular we really were, and even still now. There is always something to do, but I love being kept busy, it keeps every day interesting.

What would you like to see in your Gymbox future?

I see myself staying in the company for a long time. I love the working environment and also what Gymbox stands for: fun and fitness!

When you wake up in the mornings, what do you most look forward to?

Breakfast! Eggs Benedict is the perfect start to the day.

What is it about Gymbox that makes you happy?

I love the positive attitudes of everyone at Gymbox. It makes life fun!

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