Member Spotlight – Meet Talia Sophia

Member Spotlight – Meet Talia Sophia

Talia Sophia is a member of Gymbox Old Street and works for the Ministry of Defence. In this highly classified interview, she reveals to us what music gets her in the training zone, insights into the best pancakes in Shoreditch, and what she loves most about Gymbox.

Hi Talia! Tell us what you are doing in the photos?

Hello! I was doing an upper body workout that day. I had an amazing coach when I was at Gymbox Westfield and this was part of the program she gave me. I usually do upper body twice a week, legs and glutes three times a week, and Bartendaz class once a week – I love that class! Now I tend to do a lot more HIIT training to try and get a bit leaner.

You look very focussed, what were you thinking about?

Ha-ha! Yes I do look very focused! I was probably thinking about a load of different things to be honest. When these pictures were taken I had just booked a holiday to Ibiza, so I was probably focusing on getting in shape for that, and when the last few reps really start to burn I would have just thought about Bora Bora Beach! Seriously though, every time I go to the gym I give 110 per cent, because every time I leave I want to know that I've actively put in enough work to make myself better than when I walked in. You have to focus to do that.

You have a politics degree and work for the Ministry of Defence in cyber security, how did you get into that?

I work for a very large IT company in the cyber security division providing software solutions for the Ministry of Defence and Government agencies. It's an absolutely awesome job. I did my politics degree in Bristol, where I also joined the Army Reserves because I wanted to become an army officer when I left. That didn't work out, but I wanted to do a job where I would really be making a difference to the world, so because of the shift of crime moving online, and the things technology can do to fight that, I chose to enter the technology industry!

Sounds very full on, how do you make the time to train?

Early mornings and late nights. It requires a lot of prepping and planning, but it's just part of my routine now, I really love training so I don't mind waking up a bit earlier to get to the gym if I know I can't go in the evening.

How does being fit help you with your job?

It's a stress reliever! If I've had a bad day I know I can channel my stress in the gym, and when I go in the morning I feel so fresh, and it helps get my brain ticking for the rest of the day.

As a member of Old Street, what do you love most about the area?

Where do I start? I moved to Hoxton earlier this year from Camden and I'm never leaving! I like going to the Box Park by Shoreditch High Street because the vibe there is amazing. I also love The Blues Kitchen along with The Hoxton Pony, Queen of Hoxton, Zigfrid and The Golden Bee. Egg is probably my all time favourite though. And there's so much good food around here – The Diner is good for the biggest portion of pancakes you've ever seen in your life, and Red's True Barbecue is just beyond, that doesn't even scratch the surface though there's so much to choose from!

What do love most about training with us?

I love the classes, the atmosphere, the PTs, the reception staff, the members... the combination of all those things just makes Gymbox Old Street such a great place to train.

Do you think the members reflect the area?

Definitely!! I've been to so many gyms and met so many different people through those gyms but the members at Old Street just reflect the buzz of the area. Everyone's so chilled and friendly – only good vibes! Although saying that, all the Gymbox's I've been to have a good vibe, I used to train at Westfield Shepherds Bush and I loved it in there also.

You clearly love music. What do you listen to when you train?

I've had Matt Holden's Half and Half mix on Soundcloud on repeat for about a year now!

If you could book any DJ to come and play at Gymbox for you, who would it be?

Marco Carola or Carl Cox, of course!

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