New Classes! From Cycle'ography to Loaded Yoga!

New Classes! From Cycle'ography to Loaded Yoga!

A new season is upon us, so you know what this means? It's time to shake up your schedule with our new classes.


Ride to the beat while learning easy-to-follow choreography. With a playlist specially designed to push you to your limits, this class takes your cycle to a whole new level.


Hip-hop vs house… a 45 minute dance class teaching you the fundamentals behind two styles, hip-hop and house. With easy to follow choreography and a fresh playlist to match! #getyourasstoclass


Time to check yourself into Rehab. Get a full body MOT, and education behind why you might have those aches and pains. Rehab is a chance to scan your body for imbalances, and focus on maintenance and recovery.


A preparation based class that will take you through a series of exercises to help achieve a greater range of mobility and flexibility. The perfect complement to one of your favourite functional or strength-based training classes, such as Frame Fitness, 1 Rep Max, Kettlebells and Gains.

Loaded Yoga

Warning: Not for the faint hearted! Strap on and load up! Come and add a new element to your practice with Loaded Yoga. Breathe, sweat, and feel the burn with a combination of Vinyasa flow, plyometrics and conditioning, with wrist and ankle weights to seriously maximise your workout.