Nightmare Interview with DJ Bobafatt

Nightmare Interview with DJ Bobafatt

Creating "bad man" mash-ups, warming up for Björk and pulling off the gothic eyeliner look naturally- it's all in a day's work for DJ Bobafatt, as we find out ahead of our A Nightmare Before Christmas party...

You've spun some records at a couple of our events before. For those who have yet to experience it, what can people expect from a Gymbox party?

Expect the unexpected! Anything goes really. From bashment to burlesque. There's always a good vibe.

We hear you work at Rough Trade too. Are there any new artists we should be looking out for?

I hear something new that I like every day! We've just been doing our 'Best of 2015' lists at Rough Trade; my favourite albums were nearly all relatively new artists, like Seven Davis Jr, Kamasi Washington, Hiatus Kaiyote, Knxwledge, Eska, Romare, Little Simz, Joey Bada$... I could go on and on. I compiled Rough Trade's first Hip Hop compilation CD this year, so I obviously recommend everything on that!

Harleighblu, who's playing as well of course, is incredible- very talented lady.

How would you best describe your style - in all meanings of the word?

I really want to say "badman" 'cos it sounds cool, but it's really not true. Indecisive. My style is indecisive. No wait, mash up. Mash up sounds better. My style is mash up. There.

Who are your biggest DJ idols and why?

I dunno about idols, but Jazzy Jeff's probably still my favourite - he was definitely the main inspiration for me wanting to start DJing when I was about 12. After I listened to a live track 'Live At Union Square' - I had no idea how he was doing what he was doing (long before You Tube or any of that!), but I knew I wanted to learn how to make those noises.

Hundreds of DJs inspire me though - be it their skill, their selection or both.

Looking back on 2015, what have been the highlights? What are you excited for 2016 to bring?

Gig wise, Soundwave in Croatia- it's been my annual highlight four times running. Halloween was pretty mental - DJed at the Natural History Museum the night before, then Björk DJed at the shop, then I played at Rich Mix with Yoda. The last Gymbox party was great as well of course!

Next year's looking like there's gonna be more of Main Squeeze [Bobafatt has been DJing as one half of Main Squeeze with Mo Fingaz for five years on and off]. I'm playing a Funk & Soul Weekender in May in Camber Sands too - the line up's looking great, so I'm excited about that one!

What's the funniest thing you've witnessed while DJing?

I've witnessed quite a few things that probably shouldn't ever be printed to be honest... That and it all becomes a bit of a blur a few decades in!

One time I was playing Major Lazer 'Pon De Floor' at a rowdy bar and someone, completely deadpan, requested the theme from the Lion King... Playing 'Candy' by Cameo and seeing how many people do (or don't) know the dance entertains me. That and people singing the "oh oh oh oh-oh" bit in Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody' in the wrong place, which has happened every time I've ever played it.

What track do you currently have on repeat?

Changes every couple days of course, but right now it's between Anderson Paak's 'Am I Wrong?' and The Game & Kendrick Lamar's 'On Me'.

As the theme of our upcoming party is A Nightmare Before Christmas, who's your favourite Tim Burton character? And will we be seeing you donning some eyeliner on the night?

The shrunken head guy in Beetlejuice.

Beauty tip - you will never need eyeliner if you never really sleep. You get dark circles around your eyes, like, totally naturally. So I'm good.

Check out DJ Bobafatt's exclusive Nightmare before Christmas Party mix.

A Nightmare before Christmas Mix by DJ Bobafatt by Gymbox on Mixcloud