No Excuses: #BreakYourSelfie

No Excuses: #BreakYourSelfie

A special bloggers Break Yourself class was put on at Gymbox Covent Garden last week, which was created by Gymbox to form part of Reebok's Be More Human campaign (#BreakYourSelfie). We sent in Lara Hayward to see what she was made of. This is what happened.

Being a fan of running around outdoors, I avoid gyms with the same degree of aversion that I apply to other militant institutions. Jail, for instance. So it was with some hesitancy that I ventured to my first Gymbox class on Tuesday morning: rather intimidatingly named, 'Break Yourself'.

The Break Yourself class uses task motivation, encouraged by bad-ass instructors Andrew and Wayne, and ego motivation {reddest face wins} to get the most out of yourself. I have the same aversion to selfies as I do to the indoors, so this was the right class for me to test myself.

As you G'boxers will know, a Gymbox gym is more like a club or big kid's playpen (lights and music to match), so I quickly got over my dull high street gym fears, embraced the magic that is Gymbox, donned my neon orange Reebok kit and got pumped for the start. Aside from me, several other fitness journos/bloggers, and ex-MiCer, Millie Mackintosh, were along for the torture-fest.

Andrew and Wayne, both rocking some Mr T-style muscles, mega-watt smiles, and way too much energy, took us through the warm-up before we sweated onwards to the main sets.

Split into three sections that target your upper, lower and whole body, the Break Yourself concept is simple. Do one set of three exercises (10 reps each) on repeat until your muscles feel moulded and your mind shouts stop/cry/give-up. As we smashed through the combos of plank, mountain climbers, press-ups and over-the-step jumps, my tiredness increased to the point where I kept mixing everything into one big messy blur of moves. Definitely shows proof of concept!

After a plank hold to close (cheers guys #sarcasticface) we had time for a quick red-faced pic and a life-giving gulp of water before moving onto the legs.

This bit saw us stepping left and right on and off our blocks, a bit like high-energy dancing until that dreaded burn came back. Throw in some squats, standing tuck jumps and those dreaded burpees and all of a sudden everyone started to break. Even those mega-fit ladies at the front. The boys then had us hold a prism squat against the wall until everyone had finished. How nice of them.

Game faces changed to pain faces, just in time for another non-sexy, sticky, selfie.

Last up, the 'Finisher' section. In all honesty, I can't even begin to list what we did in this bit. My memory is still fried. What I do remember is that this session was one big body-breaking shebang, fiercely flaming my fatigue until the end. By this point, my luminous face had well and truly blended with my orange kit. Time for one last #tangerineselfie.

The best bits: the simple concept and Wayne and Andrew's mood-lifting shout-outs. No way would I push myself that hard if I was in a park on my own. I'd choose a nap instead.

Although I felt alright the following day, I can safely say I am wrecked (in a good way) today. Break yourself? Mission accomplished.