Swagger: Last Night a Gymbox DJ Saved My Life: Meet Fabrizia Corsi

Swagger: Last Night a Gymbox DJ Saved My Life: Meet Fabrizia Corsi

Meet Fabrizia Corsi! The latest DJ addition to Gymbox Old Street. 

You’re new to Gymbox, how is it going at Old Street so far?

I'm loving the big space and great new machines! I'm a big fan of weights and there are some really great ones that were missing in other gyms I have been. I like to see there are are lot of serious people there and really fit! And I'm finally not the only woman doing squats among all guys! The atmosphere is getting warmer and louder now that people starts knowing each other.

How is playing in a gym compared to your usual club sets? 

The main difference is that there is much less intro and outro in a DJ set in the gym, I try to keep it all the way through uplifting and energetic as I think it helps who's training.

How do you plan your sets? 

There's usually no planning! I see how I feel and what the atmosphere is like at the gym. My plan is just to play always different music and stay away from chart stuff!

What was it about Gymbox that made you want to come and DJ for us? 

I used to play my mixes in my previous gym: people started asking me to put some good music once they knew I was a DJ, they were extremely bored of the music played regularly at the gym. And it really made a difference! So when my friend Chris Agostini, who now is a personal trainer at Gymbox, told me that a new Gymbox was opening in Old Street I jumped in asking for info!

Have you ever seen DJs in gyms before?

No, never! It's a really new thing! I believe this idea comes from the US, people are not shocked to see me because those who join Gymbox know that there are DJs. But people outside the gym are really surprised! Not many people outside Gymbox knows about it, and I think it's a powerful marketing tool. A lot of my fitness friends in London and around the world would like a gym with a DJ!

Do you think having a live DJ helps members’ performance? 

Absolutely! And there is a science behind it: music with bass heavy tracks help you get in a powerful mindset for a hard workout. The music I DJ ranges from 120 to 128 BPM.

Mental preparation: 90-100 bpm

Stretching/yoga: 100-110 bpm

Strength training: 110-130 bpm

Cardio: 120-140 bpm

Interesting! What kind of feedback have you been getting from members? 

I get people coming up to the DJ booth chatting and asking me where else I play, fingers pointing up to the beats, pictures and sometimes people break out into a proper dance!

Brilliant. Have you seen any funny things happen while you’ve been playing? 

Not yet as it has been to short since the gym opened, but as I am tiny I bring a step on the DJ booth so I can see what's going on! I want to see how people are doing while I DJ, and I'm sure sooner or later I will see some funny business! I will be camera ready!

Are you into fitness as much as we are?

Yes, I am 100% into it. I am so glad I had this opportunity to DJ in the gym as I can combine two of my biggest passions. I'm into weights training, I like to eat and train well. I try to hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week and I cycle around London to my gigs at any time of the night with any weather. My goal is to build muscles expecially in the upper body and improve posture. I wish I had energy to do some classes but my late nights drain a lot of my energy.

What do you listen to when you’re working out? 

It might sound strange but apart from my DJ headphones I don't own any others! If I am not DJing I love total silence, I'm happy to have whatever the gym playlist offers or open to other DJ sets. Because of my job I get really distracted by the music and I cannot concentrate on what I'm doing. If I like a track, I just focus on the sounds, and I cannot focus on something else!

As a working DJ, how important is it to be fit? 

DJing is not all glam and fun as people think, it's very demanding on your body. I tend to always wear high heels when I play in clubs, so my legs and back are very sore after standing for so long. I DJ six hours in a row every Saturday night until 4am. My sleep patterns are all over the place, so are my gym training sessions. I think my gym training is helping me a lot to keep my back strong and my legs healthy. I also need to stretch regularly to relieve tight muscles. Making the extra effort to train with weights actually charges me up with energy. Exercise also helps me sleep, which is the worst side effect of my job. I can stay awake very easily but I can never fall asleep! After a gig I'm wide awake, wired and cycling back home at 4am. It's tiring on one side, but on the other side helps me releasing some stress and wind down.

High Energy Mix - DJ Fabrizia by Gymbox on Mixcloud