Swagger: Xmas Hangover Retreat

Swagger: Xmas Hangover Retreat

Too many Xmas parties? Head feeling a little sore? Then a Detox Smoothie at the Retreat cafe will sort you right out. We sent in Runner Bean's Charlotte Watson with a thumping head to find out.

We're halfway through December and silly season is in full swing. Christmas parties, post-work drinks and engagement celebrations (I'm at that age!) are regular features in my diary, and I know I'm not the only one - apparently Friday 12th December at 9.35am was officially the most hungover moment of 2014 (not that we're going to admit to being hungover at work, of course). Luckily, The Retreat Cafe just around the corner from my office in Soho have just the cure to perk me up, and ensure I don't miss my lunchtime Pilates class.

Tucked up on the top floor of Kingly Court, the Retreat Cafe is one of Soho's best kept secrets. This peaceful whole food cafe has communal seating both inside and out - and would be a great place to meet friends or to get some work done whilst enjoying some of their healthy drinks and snacks. Speaking of which, The Retreat Cafe offers a range of juices and smoothies made fresh to order, healthy breakfasts and lunch options plus a colourful selection of guilt-free baked goodies for yogis, shoppers and office workers alike. The beautiful range of freshly made raw, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free treats are enough to encourage anyone to eat cleanly. Their raw protein bars would make a great post-workout recovery snack. Look out for Naturally Sassy's raw treats available there soon!

I enviably eye up the steady stream of yogis collecting their post class free porridge. But on a Thursday morning after a few too many G&Ts the previous night, it's one of their Superfood smoothies that I'm after. After chatting with the lovely Laura manning the cafe, we decide the Detox Smoothie is the way to go (she's sympathetic rather than judgemental of my fragile state). Packed with antioxidants with blueberries, detoxifying chorella, potassium filled banana, plus apple juice and coconut milk for sweetness and vitamins. It tasted better than it looked, and I feel refreshed and hydrated. Next time I'll enjoy it with a nourishing breakfast of avocado on spelt toast or gluten-free granola with coconut yogurt to satisfy the hungry hangover. Coupled with plenty of water, the Detox smoothie's fruity combination is the perfect hangover cure to see you through the festive season and on into the New Year. Did someone say "Dry January"?

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