Sweat: Instructor Guide to Dance - Tone ’N’ Twerk

Sweat: Instructor Guide to Dance - Tone ’N’ Twerk

"All booty sizes welcome!" screeches instructor Brooklyn Sanchez from Gymbox Westfield. Look out, it’s August, which means it’s time to sweat. In the first of our Monday series on dance moves, be prepared to twerk your way to a fitter and more toned body. And this is how you do it.

Tone N Twerk classes are a new innovative way to keep fit and have fun while doing it. Think of these classes as ’Zumba for hipsters’. You will sweat, burn fat in all the problem areas and feel great doing it, while listening to the latest hip hop bangers. So what are you waiting for? Here’s your opportunity to learn twerkin’ basics whilst strengthening and conditioning your body, as well as toning target areas such as bum, legs and tums.

Classes are taught by two Instructors at a time in order for everyone to get the full experience and benefits of each class.


Start with your feet just over hip width apart (second position) making sure your knees are bent turning your feet out so that your knees bend outwards and not forward. Place your hands on your thighs arch back so your booty sticks out. Your butt will feel like it’s lifted so there’s only one way for it to go... and that’s down. Use your hips to move your butt in a downwards motion and repeat this. You know what you’re doing now? Yup, you’re twerkin’ baby!


Making sure your feet are still apart and keeping your hands on your thighs and knees bent (this is key!). Tuck your butt in, yes this will feel weird but do it. Now the only place for your bum to go is out (or upwards). Using your hips move your butt in a repeated upwards motion. Now you’ve got some serious skills!

TIPPY TOE TWERK or ‘Tip Pon Ya Toe’

Start standing with your feet hip width apart and stand on your tip toes. Move your feet in a stepping motion (remaining on the spot) whilst doing this rotate your hips in a circular motion. Them hips don’t lie!

REMOTE CONTROL ‘cheek alternator’

Bend your knees, lean right over and place your hands on your thighs. Tense your right butt cheek, now relax. Now tense your left butt cheek, relax. Now left, Right, Left, Right.....

Go on, book yourself in! Tone ’n’ Twerk starts at Gymbox Westfield this Wednesday 7pm - go to our class schedule and book your spot.