The Gymbox guide to the 5 craziest runs in the world

The Gymbox guide to the 5 craziest runs in the world

Does your training need a refresh? Bored of the usual 10k runs? It's time to put all that training at Gymbox into a brand new running challenge. Here are our top 5 crazy runs to give your fitness a comedic boost.

Le Marathon du Medoc: Pauillac, France

Runners don't choose between water or Lucozade Sport at this event. Instead they're asked, "red or white?" This is the perfect race for wine lovers, as that's the juice that will fuel you throughout the course. You'll be racing (staggering, falling over?) through 59 vineyards in the magical villages of the Medoc region. To keep you nourished during your slosh-fest, there are 21 food stands serving beef, oysters and ice cream, natch. And expect fancy dress, otherwise you will feel left out. This race is more a celebration of wine, running and comedy. So, buckle up.

Man versus Horse Marathon: Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales

The Man v Horse marathon in Wales was started in 1980 as a result of a pub bet, and has been an annual fixture ever since. 600 runners and 50 horses and riders compete in an almighty battle of the species. Racing over hilly farm tracks, footpaths, forestry roads and open moorland — it took 25 years before a man finally beat a horse on the 22-mile course. Since then only one other human on foot has beat the equine competition. You think you can stop horsing around and take on the challenge?

Run for your Lives (zombie-infested obstacle race): Various locations

This is an apocalyptic 5K race complete with manmade and natural obstacles, not to mention bloody, brain-hungry, virus-spreading zombies. No, it's not just you looking rough after a heavy night out, this is the real zombie deal, which requires lots of white face paint and fake blood. Basically, this is like the Waking Dead in running form – you run from the undead as they chase you. At the end of this adventure race-cum-horror-movie, runners get to celebrate survival (or zombie transformation) with live entertainment and music, and of course, zombies love beer!

Wife Carrying Competition: Sonkajärvi, Finland

This race is particularly stupid. Harkening back to the old days when men stole women from neighbouring villages and married them (oh, the misogyny!). Finland’s Wife Carrying race requires male competitors to carry their wives along a 250-meter course that includes land and water obstacles. If you drop your missus you incur a 15-second penalty. Special prizes are also awarded to the team wearing the best costumes, the most entertaining couple and the strongest carrier. We're waiting for a husband carrying contest as we know plenty of women at Gymbox who will show the men how it's done. There's also one in North America. A bit dated no? Time for same-sex couple versions.

New York Hot Dog Challenge

This is more like it. The challenge: Run, walk or crawl the 3-5 mile course through New York’s Central Park, Midtown, and Times Square, and at every one of the 10 hot dog carts you encounter you must eat a hot dog (with bun) before proceeding. Dressing like a hot dog optional. Cash prizes and you might need to run home to burn off those extra calories. Not suitable for vegetarians!