What happened at the Last Days of Disco?

What happened at the Last Days of Disco?

Gymbox bashes are always a night to remember, and the Last Days of Disco didn’t disappoint. From roller skaters to sequins, it certainly proved disco isn’t dead.

In true East London style, the long-awaited party was held at the Oval Space, a huge warehouse venue overlooking historic gas holders in the heart of Bethnal Green. This space is a perfect spot for summer events, as it also boasts two outdoor terraces (in case the disco fever became too much).

Gymbox parties always get us excited, especially in the build up to them. There's something about actually getting to let your hair down with the people you see training in the clubs which is a real buzz. VPTs dressed up as divas? What's not to love.

Upon entering the space, we were greeted by the sound of disco grooves floating down the stairs. Then, suddenly, we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of spangled lycra, glitter, and not a whole lot of clothing. As past parties have proven, Gymbox-goers love any (well-deserved) excuse to throw on a good costume, and show off their hard work. After spying someone wearing nothing but a pair of hot pants, covered head-to-toe in glimmering body glitter, we soon realised tonight would be no different. To get us in the party mood we were treated to professional face glitter painters to give us a bit of Studio 54 glam, as well as a photo-booth to help re-live the somewhat hazy memories of the night.

UK-based indie pop band Youth Club returned after their previous success at last year’s Concrete Jungle party, although this time they treated us to some disco edits that added to the whole disco experience. The energy went through the roof the minute they took to the stage.

The stage looked amazing, it was completely covered in silver glitter. A semi-spherical disco ball was the centrepiece, which was paired with sparkly life-size figurines, and other miscellaneous decorations including a shimmering pineapple, which somehow ended up as a dance floor companion later on in the night.

The entertainment didn’t stop there. Next up was a booty-shaking competition on stage. We've never seen so many VPTs and instructors shake their disco stuff with such joie de vivre. It was a sight! There were sequins, diamond-encrusted glasses, velvet flares and even some old school roller skates.

The revelry continued into the early hours, until our twinkling platforms got the better of us. The glitter somehow managed to follow us home and remained in our hair and bed sheets for days afterwards. It’s not a real party without a bit of sparkle, right? If you missed out this time, make it your business to get to the next event in November. Gymbox parties are always a memorable part of the year, and this glamorous, glitter-fuelled night was no different!

Reviewers: Katie Glenny / Carrie Baxter
Photos: Facebook