Lucy Pinto

Lucy Pinto


A pocket rocket full of endless energy, Lucy is a woman that wears many hats.

As Art Director for Health & Fitness magazine Lucy is always the first to know about the latest fitness trends and workouts, a level 3 PT and fitness instructor who specialises in body weight, Tabata and boxing.

Helping people push boundaries and discovering who they really are is what makes this rocket fly!


How does Gym box as a brand reflect your personality?

I'm passionate about health & fitness and take a no frills approach but with a smile. You will often find me attending classes as well as teaching as I just can't get enough of this place, there is no where like it!

What music style describes you?

Anything with a dirty bass line or can get be jumping around a room is a winner

What is your guilty pleasure?

Burpees all day, all night!

What is your favourite thing about Gym box?

Pain mixed with pleasure, this is what working out is all about

Who is your favourite rockstar (popstar/music artist)?

How long have you got?

Classes taught