Luke has been professionally dancing in contemporary, ballet and commercial dance practices for the past 10 years. Luke has worked alongside choreographers and musicians was lucky enough to create dance pieces with Rambert and Phoenix Youth Dance Companies.

Luke's Achievements include performing in the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies, being part of five dance companies and running in the Virgin London Marathon 2013!

Luke now has decided to incorporate those skills into gym exercise to benefit the general body and dancers body. General dance skills and gym exercise is a fusion of creativity, endurance and engages all major muscle groups!


How does Gym box as a brand reflect your personality?
Gymbox values have an amazing capability of making almost any type of physical activity into a fun, manageable and engaging workout. In this respect I am a social camilian and tend to do the same!  

What music style describes you?
I like music that moves me but which is also unpredictable from pop to instrumentals to acoustic. From my experience with dance I can count 3 basics types of music counts for each participant to follow. In my classes you will have Beyonce, Mis-teeq and even trap music!!!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Britney Spears! Simply!

The selection of classes, diverse staff and vibrant atmosphere.

Who is your favourite rockstar (popstar/music artist)?

At the moment Calvin Harris cannot do no wrong!

Classes taught