Nicolette has trained as a professional dancer, personal trainer, sports masseur, Pilates teacher, yoga teacher, Pre/Postnatal yoga teacher and a yoga as medicine teacher. Nicolette is inspired by the desire to be her very best every day. She instils this in those she teaches by focusing on the importance of accepting where they are today, to make the change tomorrow.


How does Gymbox as a brand reflect your personality?

Individuality, being a pioneer and thinking out of the box resonate closely with me. Gymbox's brand reflects this.

What music style describes you?

Music that brings people together whatever their creed, colour or religion to sway to the rhythm and feel the beat as one. Happy music for example, Cameo's Candy, 90s RnB.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Belgian chocolate

What is your favourite thing about Gymbox?.

That it delivers what it says on the tin.

Who is your favourite rockstar (popstar/music artist)?

I actually don't have a favourite. I just admire people who pioneer music, own it and set a trend like Prince, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson.

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