Richard B

Richard B


Richard has many years of working in the fitness industry touching on many roles from personal training to management

From a sporting background of professional football; he has kept the principles of disciplined and quality training

When it comes to training with Richard's all about getting that beach body and well defined physique to look good and feel great. 

A massive fan of high intensity interval training so be sure to expect loads of energy and be pushed to your limits.


How does Gym box as a brand reflect your personality?

We fit like a glove, confidence, provocative, energetic....totally reflects me!

What music style describes you?

I like alot of urban music .....but the love of house music ;) that's me. It can be energetic and keeps me going or chilled out beach house beats

What is your guilty pleasure?

Ibiza too many times ...need I say more! ;)

What is your favourite thing about Gymbox?

The way club the clubs differ from many health club operators, DJ's, music, night club atmosphere & such innovative classes.

Who is your favourite rockstar?

That's tough....HedKandi, Usher, Calvin Harris

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