Shara is a fully qualified yoga instructor with a BSY and BSYA Diploma in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. She currently specialises in Vinyasa Flow Yoga integrating a variety of disciplines accompanied by yoga beats and soulful rhythms - to create a moving meditation is at the heart of Shara's yoga class. Shara is committed to excellence and to inspiring others to achieve their own personal best and unleash their true power from within. She believes that there is nothing that the human spirit cannot conquer and that all things are possible if you believe, create vision, and work for what you want. Shara dances regularly for fun and sings professionally when she is not in the yoga studio.


How does Gym box as a brand reflect your personality? Like myself I feel Gym box is bold, vibrant and creatively fresh.

What is your favourite thing about Gym box? It’s fresh, vibrant and original.

There are many music artists I admire and Rachelle Ferrell is one of my favourites.

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