Alex Addison


As a certified strength and conditioning specialist focusing primarily on compound movements, Alex uses a combination of barbell and body weight exercises partnered with calisthenics to push your body further than gone before. Alex specialised in training athletes whilst based in the US and gained experience transforming body composition with his clients as well as improved mobility, strength and overall health. Alex’s positive attitude and demeanour will make your workout experience the most effective and enjoyable it has ever been. Constantly educating himself with all things health and fitness, Alex makes sure each client overcomes psychological and physiological barriers to smash their health and fitness goals. As a natural motivator, the final rep will no longer feel as much of a struggle. You will push your body further than ever before, reaching your goals faster than you thought possible. Alex combines his passion for exercise with his expertise as a nutrition coach making sure all angles of your health are targeted to maximise results. Get in touch with Alex if you are ready for the next step on your fitness journey.

[email protected]