Amanda O'hare


With over 8 years in the working in the fitness industry as a trainer across the UK Amanda have been lucky to work with and help thousands of people to positively change their lives, using not only training methods but movement, past injury, lifestyle and nutrition assessment to be able to construct a plan that not only helps clients reach their goals but to make them happier, healthier and strong all round by reducing issues caused by the likes of stress, lack of sleep and back pain. Amanda's personal training achievements have included 7 bikini fitness shows such as WBFF, UKBFF, Miami Pro and Silver City Classic with a highest placing of 3rd. Her other focus being training for half marathon and performance cycling, using her own method she has knocked 15 minutes so far off her half marathon times and helped clients achieve impressive first time completion times for all running distances and cycle events. One client starting as injury rehab work going on.