Bevan Viljoen


LOOK, FEEL & PERFORM better!I have extensive experience in conditioning athletes as well as almost twenty years of personal training experience. My training systems will not only improve the way you look but improve the way you feel and perform on a daily basis no matter what your walk of life.Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and hold qualifications in Corrective Exercise as well as Performance Enhancement currently specialised in training Combat athletes and Golf Biomechanics.Combat Sports Training...The rise in popularity of combat sports over the past few years is well documented. We only have to look at fighter’s physiques and realise they must be doing something right! The training systems I use with clients are the same one's used on athletes preseason to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat levels effectively.Before HIIT become a buzzword combat athletes were using high intensity high volume based workouts to mimic the effects of combat. I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist and have trained several clients up to a competitive white collar level. If you admire the physiques of MMA athletes Conor McGregor and Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey etc. Let me put you through an MMA 'Boot Camp' and not only experience the high level of training required to perform in combat sports but watch your body transform in an incredibly short period of time.Golf Biomechanics...Every golfer is unique, and this individuality has to do with biomechanics. It’s a well known fact that many scientists and biomechanists have understood for many years, however, it is something that many golf professionals and regular golfers have still not accepted.You can spend thousands of £'s on new clubs and lessons with a Golf Pro without seeing any real benefit until you address your body's form and function and appreciate how an integrated approach to unleashing your kinetic chains potential can make all the difference to your game!Let's get started...I typically tend to work with clients on a medium to long term basis to guarantee they achieve the best results. I believe in the ethos of scientifically proven training systems and managed nutrition will get you the physique you've always dreamt of and quite frankly deserve plus the added benefit of a functionally stronger body that will allow you to enjoy your chosen activities with greater confidence.

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