Billy Harris


Billy is a former national Tennis player and current physique athlete. Having competed in a variety of sports at an elite/national level including playing as a national Tennis player, Billy has become aware of the increasingly pervasive effect exercise has in contemporary society. Billy believes that physical exercise empowers people and has the ability to enable individuals to take more control of their mental and physical health. Since qualifying as a personal trainer, Billy has changed many people’s lives for the better and continues to shine as a positive influence within the club. He has a diverse variety of clients all of whom aim to achieve their own tailored individual goals. Billy currently specialises in strength and conditioning training, online coaching as well as physique oriented goals including competing in fitness model competitions. Having acquired and developed a substantial base of knowledge whilst competing as an athlete throughout his life, Billy has the skills and knowledge of all aspects of physical development and the human anatomy. This personal trainer strives to continuously develop his knowledge within the industry and regularly attends workshops, seminars and fitness expos across the world which keep him up to date with the latest research and studies carried out by the best in the industry

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