Chris Beight


Chris is my name, making you look sexy is my game.I’m a senior personal trainer and strength coach here at Covent Garden Gymbox.I pride myself on my strength, fitness and physical appearance. It's one of the few things in my life that I do have control over.But don’t go thinking that makes me some boring, egotistical gym robot. Read further to find out why.I only have a few great passions in life; health and fitness is one of them. First and foremost I am a personal trainer and fitness coach - I will endeavour to do anything and everything I can to help you reach your goals without killing or maiming you along the way. I take great pride in my work and I genuinely want you to succeed.I understand I sometimes come across intimidating, I have been told this before. Please be rest assured I am actually a big teddy-bear so come over and say hi - I get a bit nervous talking to strangers so it would do me a favour. Whether it is to complement my beautiful brown eyes or to ask me a question about what flavour of pizza has the lowest calories.Here is a list of my specialties and interests that I prepared earlier:•I specialise in performance-based strength coaching and conditioning for men and women.•I like to employ a hybrid powerlifting and bodybuilding style with many of my clients. This ensures they develop useable muscle mass, increased testosterone, libido, safe bio-mechanics and all around better posture and awesomeness.•Extensive practical rehab based experience.•I have been a competition power lifter.•I’ve previously been a competing physique/natural bodybuilder•I’m a runner, climber, mountaineer, amateur photographer, self-professed comedian and naturalist (not to be mistaken with nudist).•I have trained pre and post-natal clients.•I have trained Academy Award winning A-list celebrities (not at liberty to say who on here unfortunately but I may whisper it in your ear to show off).•I have trained athletes, dancers and performers.•I will make you sexier and ensure you perform and feel better.•I’m a specialist when it comes to all things nutrition.•I also specialise in mobility and posture correction.I will design for you personalised and highly effective programming to suit your every want and need and I can help you nail your diet so it doesn't leave you eating boiled chicken, tofu and cardboard.I like dressing up as a superhero sometimes, pretending I’m a dinosaur, I shave my legs and have been known to cry in Pixar movies.I'm engaged to my beautiful fiancé Ash who is my training partner, fellow strength coach, best friend and occasional arch nemesis/bond villain.So now that you know way too much about me, how about you come and tell me a bit about yourself and who knows, maybe, just maybe I can show you the ways of the Force (physical fitness).Yours truly in all things that make you sweat,Chris

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